Make a Living from Travel Writing

You can go places and earn money while you're at it

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
Make a Living from Travel Writing

I have been travelling the world and writing articles for global media and producing content for business, government and not for profit for 20 plus years.

The great thing about this is that when I earn money from my writing while overseas, then part of my trip is tax deductible.

Do you ever get a great idea for what you would like to write about and don’t know what to do with your idea? I once walked down the street and saw a house being demolished and all the knocked down material was sorted in piles of glass, plastics, metal, wood etc. for recycling.

I walked a little further and found another house being pulled down and a sign was on fence advertising demolished house recycling service – recover – recycle and re-use.

Then I had a chat to the guys running the two demolishment recycle companies and told them that I would like to write about their business philosophy of recycling demolished houses materials.

So, I pitched an idea about demolished houses recycling to a USA demolished house recycling magazine. The editor wrote straight back and wanted the story as the magazine had not yet covered demolished house recycling in Australia.

This year in April to July, I went to Berlin, Riga in Latvia and Vilnius in Lithuania. I have made lots of notes, made many videos and took multitudes of photos. So, I already have commissioned travel articles to write on my travels as I have pitched some travel story Ideas to some editors – voila – Do what you enjoy and money will follow.

Earning money as I travel.

You can too and I can teach you how to pitch to editors, how to find editors, groups to join and the many different ways of writing for a living and travelling the world in the bargain.