Experiences as Gifts

Australians think experiences make the best present - here's why

Creativity 3 min read May 16, 2022
Experiences as Gifts

Done holiday shopping yet?

Did you know: Last Christmas, Australian women named experiences as the best gift, preferring them over gadgets and jewellery. Still think the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Think again; men also preferred experiences over food gifts!

Believe it; experience is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are some reasons why.

Experiences evoke emotion

Creating art, tasting wine, making a meal - they all stir up intense emotions. Nothing makes you feel come alive more than when you work with your hands and feel all your senses activated!

Experiences build social connections

As gifts, according to the science, experiences bring us closer together like no material thing can ever do, earning you extra brownie points as a gifter!

Experiences can even bridge physical distance

Interestingly, you and your giftee don’t even need to do it together to feel intimacy. (Of course, sharing gifts has its own unique advantages, too.) Just the act of consuming your gift will remind them of you and how much they appreciate you. What could be better?

Experiences are so Millennial (and that’s a good thing!)

Try this experiment: Go on an adventure and post your pictures on social media doing a bunch of amazing stuff. And then, buy something obscenely expensive and do the same thing. See which post gets more likes.

These days, more and more people prefer to spend money on doing things, rather than on something tangible, thanks to Millennial consumers. To be able to enhance emotional connections, gain experiences, and create meaning, who doesn’t want all that?

Things fade; memories last forever. Add a few experiences to your gift list (and your wish list!) and make Christmas a bit more special this year. (Also, here’s Marmite’s worst gift list, you know, just in case.)