Ukulele + A Bit of Humour = Best Night Ever!

It's funny when a comedian teaches you to play uke

Creativity 4 min read Aug 12, 2020

Learning to play an instrument is no joke. Mastering violin can take five years, guitar ten, and piano at least 15. No wonder karaoke apps are growing popular!

But here’s this uber-cool guy in Sydney who teaches ukulele and will tickle your funny bone while he’s at it. Meet Tom the Pom, Work-Shop’s resident musical expert and amazing stand-up comedian. You can just imagine how his Sydney music classes are like!

In just 90 minutes, Tom will teach you all about basic strum patterns, chord structure, and swing tunes. You’ll be playing uke riffs before you know it!


Why the ukulele? Well, besides being easier to pick up than the guitar, ukes are fantastic travel companions and just make the world a better place.

No need to buy your own uke, at least not yet. Just come for the cool Insta selfies; stay for the laidback music. You’ll thank us when you find yourself in a mood to chill and just sing a few tunes.