Winter Inspiration for Every Resin Maker

Beating the cold weather has never been this colourful

Creativity 7 min read Mar 23, 2021
Winter Inspiration for Every Resin Maker

Autumn’s just about over; but it looks like nobody told winter, as it seems to have arrived early this year! If you need something creative and colourful to keep our hands warm in this extra-chilly weather, we’ve got just the thing: resin art.

It seems like ages ago when we called it and yet, to this day, the popularity of resin hasn’t waned one bit. We think it’s because, as painting media go, it’s one of the easiest to learn and thus ideal for beginners to get stuck into and get hooked. But what’s especially interesting about resin is that it caters to every maker’s whim. Those marble-like textures will perform well with any type of canvas, from 2D to 3D, and every work of art is unique. Just the perfect medium to inspire you this winter!

Resin painting

Although by itself, resin may not be as sexy as oil or delicate like watercolour, this synthetic and highly viscous liquid compound is certainly versatile. Drop a bit of colour into your canvas to get that clear and glossy look with unique textures and shiny swirls that everyone loves.

But try adding alcohol ink instead and it’s a whole other look for your artwork, as it sets with the same patent finish for which resin is well-known.

Warning: Painting with resin can get pretty messy. It also takes some patience, since it requires almost 30 to 45 minutes to settle. But that’s the beauty of liquid art, too, and every loosey-goosey artist’s dream! Within an entire half-hour, you can play around with it and get lost in your masterpiece. And however it comes out in the end, it will look fantastic up on your wall, mantel, or floor.

Resin jewellery

Every time you work with epoxy resin, you will realise more and more its many applications in arts and crafts. For example, that shiny, glossy look that resin is admired for makes it an obvious material for jewellery making. Look at how intricate this piece is.

Indeed, you can always rely on resin to help you nail your trendy, minimalist look. For the DIY gal who swears by all things Etsy, you’re always on brand with one-of-a-kind, resin-based pieces.

But don’t stop there. Resin bling has also graced many runways, from Chanel to Balenciaga, and has been worn by trendmakers like Vanessa Hudgens and online influencer Leandra Medine.

Resin homewares

Resin already works great as a standalone base for all your art and crafts needs. But mixing it with other textures and materials is an even better idea and a great way for your resin projects to spark instant inspiration.

Create small homewares out of this liquid joy by blending it with plastics, woods, or even fabrics. And come away with resin bowls, plates, pots, kitchen utensils, even paperweights, and more, to adorn different spaces around the home.

When you’ve gained enough skills and it’s time to turn serious resin artist, you can shake things up hard by combining it with metallic powders and dyes. We also see some blowtorching in your immediate future. Wheeeee!

Resin stools

So you’ve discovered woodworking and upcycled your very own stool out of recovered materials. Yay! Now, throw in a splash of colour for the ultimate DIY-slash-art project. This multimedia combo of aesthetic and utilitarian will add that special vibe to your space.

After this, you’ll be absolutely unstoppable. Tables, shelves, benches… what’s to keep you from adding resin to everything?

Whether it’s resin art or another craft that inspires your passion, we have everything you need to stoke your creative fire. And it starts here.

Today, a dining table; tomorrow, the world!