The Power of Email Marketing & How to Nail It

In the age of social media, most people still prefer email

Resources 5 min read Sep 25, 2019
The Power of Email Marketing & How to Nail It

Have you said hello lately to your email subscribers?

Maybe you’re one of many business owners who post daily on social media but send out emails only once a month, if at all. Indeed, as social media has grown more popular with consumers, in turn, many class providers have shifted focus towards Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But did you know that most people still prefer to receive news and promotions via email? Yes, most of your target audience - about 60%, according to an oft-quoted study - would love to get a message from you. With the holidays coming up, they might even expect it, in anticipation of your Christmas or end-of-year offers!

Why email?

Email can be a powerful means to increase customer loyalty. If most of your ad spend is assigned to your social channels, you may want to rethink that approach. Sure, there’s a lot of engagement going on in social media, however:

  • Research shows most consumers first check their email before doing anything else online.
  • 57% of email subscribers spend about 10 to 60 minutes every week reading through marketing emails.

As long as you provide good content, there’s no good reason not to run weekly email campaigns to your subscribers. Right when they’re checking their inbox and fully engaged, take that time to reconnect using one or more of these five loyalty-inspiring ways.

#1 Tell them “Thank You!”

A simple thank-you note is always nice and lets your readers know that you appreciate them. This can go out to those who have just signed up for a class or attended one of your sold-out workshops. You can send it to past attendees who took the time to post an online review about you or even to potential customers who have opted into your mailing list.

One way you can add value to your thank-you message is by offering a discount that the recipients can use when they sign up for your next class.

#2 Send out valuable content

Resist the temptation to send out generic emails! Make sure you provide relevant content to your email subscribers every time you reach out to them.

People who have opted in to receive emails from you are interested in learning what you are teaching. And so, keep them engaged with useful content: Offer basic tips and tricks to improve on their newfound skill; share snapshots of recent classes; or send them links to your latest blog post. Doing so adds value to your service and the experience that you have already provided them in class. If done right, your content may just motivate them to attend your upcoming workshop.

#3 Reward them for spreading the word

Happy students are more likely to tell their family and friends about you; and when they do, it would be nice to give them a little incentive.

Thank them for helping promote your class and encourage them to keep on spreading the word, by giving them a discount on their next booking. Or why not send them an exclusive promo code to share to people in their address book? Loyal customers are the best evangelists you can find.

#4 Remind them about their perks

When you do offer rewards, special rates, or discounts, don’t let them go to waste! Send out a reminder email to subscribers who have not yet redeemed their perks. Nowadays, when everybody’s too busy to keep track of everything, this type of email will always be welcome.

There is no standard time for sending out reminder emails, but it makes sense to send one a few days prior to the expiration of the promo and another one a day before.

#5 Greet them on special occasions

Getting personal is never a bad thing, especially when you are trying to build strong ties with your market.

Keep a record of their birthday and send them a warm greeting on their special day, along with an exclusive birthday promo. Touch base throughout the year, not just on the usual sales occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. That way, they won’t feel marketed to but they still know they have something to be excited about in your next email update.

Email marketing is a great way to show your past and potential students that you value them. By constantly engaging through this reliable channel, you build a stronger connection with your past and potential students, encourage loyalty, and improve your bottom line.

So go ahead and send out email campaigns more than once a month. You’ll be delighted and surprised to see more of these email subscribers clicking through and booking your classes. It’s all about reaching out and creating a bond with your tribe!