How to Set an Intention for the New Year

Say goodbye to New Year's resolutions for good

Creativity 5 min read Dec 25, 2019
How to Set an Intention for the New Year

Every year, millions of people worldwide set resolutions for the New Year – and they often get broken within the first few weeks of January. Why? Because sometimes we are in too much of a hurry and spend a lot of time thinking, instead of just doing.

But there’s another way to do things. Rather than setting a resolution, which is usually restrictive and uses the words “I won’t do X anymore”, why not try setting an INTENTION this year. If you’re curious by what that means, read the rest of this article!

Start by thinking about how you want to feel

So often we’re taught to set goals and make resolutions based on what we want to achieve or possess. But if we look below the surface, we might want those things in order to feel a certain way. Let’s look at a few examples.

If you want to feel more creative, you might try your hand at painting, or start learning a musical instrument. Or, if you want to feel healthier, you could learn more about nutrition so you can cook better meals for your friends and family.

Instead of thinking about what you want to have, try thinking about how you want to feel, and see how that changes your goals and habits. And remember: one key way to make a new habit stick is to start small.

Next, choose your words wisely

When it comes to setting an intention, the words you choose are very important. Your intention will become the driver for action in your life, so make it a simple, positive affirmation in the present tense; one that’s going to be easy to remember.

The reason it should be in the present tense is because intentions are all about changing the way you think and act, so a statement in the future tense might seem too hard to achieve (or easy to put off).

Try and be as specific as you can too, because it will help you bring that intention to life.

Here are some examples of intentions to inspire you to create your own:

I’m a creative person who loves to make things with my hands.
I am generous and kind to everyone I meet.
My mind and body are always healthy.

Here are some examples from the WeTeachMe team…

At WeTeachMe, we’re dedicated to helping you find and unlock your passion. And just like you, we all have our own aspirations and goals for the new year ahead. Here are some of our team’s intention as we head into 2020 and beyond.

“I fully embrace whatever life throws at me!” - Cheng
“I exercise regularly to improve my physical and mental health.” - Wayne
“I practice gratitude everyday.” - Marion

Start your new year early with WeTeachMe!

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