6 Benefits to Playing Soccer as a Kid

We list 6 of many good reasons for kids to try soccer right now. Who knows, they may just be the next Sam Kerr or Tim Cahill!

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6 Benefits to Playing Soccer as a Kid

Soccer is a huge sport all around the world. It’s a fairly simple game, but one that’s resonated among hordes of fans. Could your kid be the next Sam Kerr or Tim Cahill?

Here are just 6 good reasons for children to try soccer today:

#6 It’s fabulous exercise

Soccer is an extremely physical sport that requires players to use almost all their muscles. Running and kicking tends to build a child’s leg muscles, and greatly enhance cardiovascular health. With a hobby like soccer, your child is 10 times less probable to pick up any serious illnesses and the risk of obesity becomes minimal.

#5 It can be a great bonding opportunity

Soccer can be a fun weekend activity for you and your child. Attending your child’s soccer practices and games, and sharing in his or her great triumphs and defeats lets you witness your child’s development first-hand, and lets you be there every step of the way.

#4 It instills critical values

Working with other players instils the value of teamwork in your child. Letting him or her play with other team members, and learning how to follow orders from a team captain, lets your child grow and understand the true value of contributing to a group cause.

Also, the act of practising routinely to get better at something will let your child learn the virtue of perseverance, which will substantially help build character as he or she goes through life.

#3 It teaches social skills

What’s a better way to meet new friends? Allowing your child to meet other kids and build strong, team-oriented relationships with them teaches fundamental social skills early on.

#2 It boosts confidence

Experiencing great triumphs and being able to contribute to or lead a team’s success will do wonders for your child’s confidence. On top of learning social skills, soccer can be a way for your child to express him or herself both in the field and outside of it.

#1 It’s simply great fun

Soccer is popular for a reason: it’s fun! While the same can be said for any other sport, there’s no such thing as being able to dribble a soccer ball and kick it into a net triumphantly. And it’s not just fun for kids, obviously. Maybe you should try it sometime with your kid as well!

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