The Best Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Make your life even better by learning a kitchen skill (or two) in some of the best cooking classes and workshops in Melbourne.

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The Best Cooking Classes in Melbourne

With a population made up of over a hundred nations, one can take far less than 80 days to have a taste of the world in Melbourne. But instead of touring restaurants and burning a hole in your pocket, why not do yourself a favour and learn to whip up these dishes yourself? Whether you’re looking to test out your stove for the first time, or you want to add more to your culinary repertoire, here are some of the best cooking classes that’ll teach you a thing or two about cooking well and dining well.

Cook Authentic Mexican Food (Trupp Cooking School)

In case you’ve got a sudden craving for a burrito, tacos or quesadilla, this popular cooking class will teach you how to fix yourself authentic and healthy Mexican recipes. Get a real taste of Mexico’s flavours in this course where you’ll be learning to cook soft-shelled goat cheese tacos, jalapeño baked fish with roasted tomatoes and potatoes, chorizo guacamole in taco shells, and lots more.

Where: Trupp Cooking School
When: April 29th
Cost: $208

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Escape To Italy

Duck Demystified (Luv-a-Duck)

Duck may be a popular protein in fine dining restaurants, but you don’t need a culinary license to be able to serve it on your table. Demystify the process of cooking duck so you can learn to prepare it yourself for special occasions, and even on regular days! In this class, you will cook a variety of savoury duck recipes and simple sauces. All your hard work will be paid off at the end of the class with a duck banquet and delicious wine. You will also receive a 10% discount on any Luv-a-Duck products purchased on the day.

Where: Luv-A-Duck Retail Showroom
When: Multiple dates from May through August
Cost: $120 (Regular)

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Duck Demonstration Cooking Class

Real Risotto (Enoteca Sileno)

Another food that’s mistaken to belong only in fancy tables, Risotto, an Italian rice dish, is actually the epitome of Italian comfort food and home cooking. There are many variations to this classic dish, and you will learn to make the most popular ones in this workshop. Marco Di Santo of Enoteca Sileno will teach how to select the best type of rice to use, as well as techniques that will have you cooking up new flavour combinations for your risotto. Class ends with a sumptuous lunch and wine.

Where: Enoteca Sileno’s Scuola di Cucina
When: June 17th
Cost: $95

Salami Making Masterclass (Enoteca Sileno)

There’s now a variety of salami made all over the world, but this class will teach you preparation and curing in the original fashion. Learn traditional Italian methods of handling meat to make this Italian sausage, from a professional chef who is a master of the craft. Discover the intricacies of the process as Chef Dusty demonstrates age-old techniques so you can successfully make your own cured meats at home.

Where: Enoteca Sileno
When: June 10th
Cost: $95

Other classes happening soon:
Italian Gnocchi

Thai Cooking Classes with Chef Chaloem (Paladarr Fine Thai and Cooking School)

Thai food needs no introduction, being one of Australia’s favourite cuisines - and with good reason. The brilliant combination of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavours is what makes a classic Thai dish, and this is what you will learn to pull off under Chef Chaloem’s wing. The preparation of traditional sauces and accompaniments will be demonstrated by him, and you will end the day enjoying the the meals you prepared, and the chef’s famous curry puffs!

Where: Paladarr Restaurant
When: May 13th, 20th, 27th
Cost: $127.50

Seafood Dumpling Mania Workshop (Dumpling Mania)

Rejoice seafood and dumpling lovers - this workshop was made especially for you! Learn how to make dumplings filled with fresh varieties of seafood such as prawns and fish, as well as dipping sauces to boot. Lou Wong will also help you master techniques on pleating dumpling shapes so you will have the confidence to create your own delicious little parcels of perfection at home.

Where: Made in Japan Homewares
When: July 9th
Cost: $140 (Regular)

Other classes happening soon:
Vegan Dumpling Mania Workshop

10% discount available. Use code DIMSUMX10

Vegetarian Cooking Class (La Cucina di Sandra)

Italian cuisine is more than just meat - in fact, there are so many Italian dishes that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy. Learn to make some of Chef Sandra’s favourite meatless dishes using simple ingredients, and even leftovers! Plus, discover what “cucina povera” truly means: cooking up hearty dishes with much less expense, and using only simple and affordable ingredients.

Where: La Cucina di Sandra
When: May 23rd
Cost: $90 (Regular), $80 (Bring-a-Friend)

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A Seafood Feast: Dishes from the North and South of Italy!
Comfort Food, Tuscan style - La Cucina Toscana - Italian Cooking Class

Curing Master Class For Duck Prosciutto, Bresaola & Capocollo (The Artisan’s Bottega)

Learn the art of the cure to produce spectacular flavours out of your meat in this master class by The Artisan’s Bottega. New curers will learn to prepare Guanciale, Capocollo, Bresaola and Duck Prosciutto, as well as tie, wrap and flavour cured meat. The class finishes off with beer, wine, cheese and slices of meat that taste like Rome.

Where: The Artisan’s Bottega
When: May 20th
Cost: $110 (Regular), $139 (2-for-1)

Asian Street Foods (The Humble Dumpling)

Asian street food, however simple in appearance, are rich in flavours and in history. You’re invited to Angie Chong’s home to learn all about the food that is deeply rooted in the Asian culture, and spend the day mastering Asian cooking techniques to make a selection of street foods such as dumplings, wonton soup, asian salad and more.

Where: The Humble Dumpling
When: July 9th
Cost: $90

Other classes happening soon:
Let’s Make Dumplings Workshop

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