Alcohol Ink Makes Everything Better

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Creativity 5 min read Jun 11, 2020

Alcohol inks are fast-drying, extremely vibrant dye-based inks that can make beautiful artwork on canvas. But once you’ve got the techniques down pat, you can also use alcohol ink to liven up common household objects and decorate a variety of other items.

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Ceramics are great canvases for alcohol ink. You can create blended colourful abstractions with alcohol inks on tiles, vases, and other household objects made of clay.

If you’re looking to create art decor with clay, use a clayboard. They work great with alcohol ink because they do not smudge, bleed, or feather as easily as canvas and paper materials.


T-shirts are a good place to start using your alcohol inks if you want those really vibrant, kaleidoscopic colours on your clothes. Using alcohol inks on t-shirts is similar to tie-dying, except you have a little more control, thanks to the nature of alcohol inks.

Using ink spray bottles, you can draw patterns on your shirt similarly as you would on paper. You can also paint on a t-shirt similar to watercolour painting. And because alcohol inks work on fabric so well, you can also use them on pillows, bedsheets, and other household fabrics.


On a glass surface, the ink moves freely and makes for an interesting blend of colours. There are two ways that you can use alcohol ink to coat glass:

Once you’ve applied alcohol ink, you can spray the glass after it’s dried with a clear glass graze. Or, you can light it on fire before it has fully dried to burn the alcohol off the surface, resulting in a full stained glass effect. Gorgeous!

You can do this on wine glasses and other glassware, but this works especially well for glass window panels, allowing colour-tinted sunlight to illuminate the room.


Alcohol ink also works with metal surfaces and can be used to design jewellery such as pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Dripping a mix of alcohol ink on your metal jewellery and then spraying on them with canned air is a fun and inexpensive way to make your accessories pop with colour.

Alcohol ink also works on copper, stainless steel, and brass. Thus, you can decorate other household items made of metal like tumblers, tea kettles, and thermoses.

Cards and Stamps

Yupo paper is a synthetic and waterproof variation of watercolour paper that some artists like to use to create stamps and cards. This is a great surface to apply alcohol ink on because it will not absorb the ink, but rather keep it in place perfectly allowing for bright, crisp colours to retain.

Additionally, you can use alcohol ink to create a background on your yupo paper and later sketch on it to create defined figures in contrast with the background. Experiment blending alcohol ink with sponges and droppers to add texture, use light scraping techniques, and try spraying alcohol for cool effects. Don’t forget to let it dry!

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