Launch Online Classes in 7 Days or Less

Learn how Come and Cook created a new income stream, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis

Case Studies 10 min read Jul 29, 2020
Launch Online Classes in 7 Days or Less

COME AND COOK combines the two passions of founder Karen Browne: cooking and teaching.

Raised in Tasmania, Karen first got her feet wet while living in the UK, where she taught cooking to primary students and hosted kids birthday parties. Some years later, she brought home the same successful concept to Brisbane and Come and Cook was born.

Come and Cook’s big goal for 2020 was to create a new income stream, but the COVID-19 crisis set in and threatened to derail the plan.

To help vendors get ahead of the curve, WeTeachMe launched its new Zoom integration via a webinar. Come and Cook was there and became one of the early adopters of the new feature. That same week, Karen had brought their kids cooking classes online, which enjoyed an early positive response.

Soon, they began to experiment with adult cooking lessons, and to their surprise, they were a massive success! Attendees love tweaking recipes and have fun cooking for the entire family.

Come and Cook would get their new revenue stream, after all. Restaurant quality meals made in their own kitchens! For a growing number of regulars, they are more than just cooking classes; they are social nights.

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