Teaching Music Online

Leading Note moved their classes online and saw their revenues spike, despite the pandemic

Case Studies 10 min read Jul 29, 2020
Teaching Music Online

LEADING NOTE, formerly Musical Adventures, was founded by Sophie Maxwell. Sophie studied music at the University of Melbourne with First Class Honours. While attending a Suzuki Teaching Conference, she came across the baby/toddler classes, enrolled in Teacher Training course, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Like many teachers, Sophie used to hack together methods to manage her classes. Having been with WeTeachMe since 2017, she now enjoys fully automated booking and marketing processes, freeing up many hours spent on admin work. And now on her 15th year of teaching, she’s about to relaunch the school under the brand!

As the COVID-19 virus spread in early 2020, social distancing measures severely impacted global and local commerce. So that vendors can minimise disruption to their businesses, WeTeachMe quickly launched several new features, starting with a full integration with Zoom.

This allowed schools like Leading Note to transition smoothly from in-person to online class delivery, thereby cushioning the impact brought about by the pandemic.

Thanks to its timely transition to online class delivery, Leading Note saw: 59% spike in revenues in March-April 2020 Month-on-month increase of 73% and 141% in February-March, respectively, over the previous year.

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