Top 5 Experiences for the Special Guy in Your Life

What ‘Ryan Doesn’t Know’, he’ll learn! Adventure starts here

Creativity 5 min read Feb 15, 2021
Top 5 Experiences for the Special Guy in Your Life

If you picked up a new skill over the lockdown, you’re not alone! Even Ryan Reynolds has started on his own learning journey via a new Snapchat web series, “Ryan Doesn’t Know”. It’s a hoot to watch the Deadpool star try new things and get to, as he put it, “learn a little about a lot”.

Got a guy in your life who’s also looking for a new experience or pastime? It could be the first step towards a lifelong pursuit! Certainly a better present than anything you can buy from a store. We list some fantastic suggestions here.

Start him on a new hobby

Does he spend hours woodworking or tinkering with electronics? It’s cool how some guys are just naturally crafty. So, what better gift than to introduce him to a new hobby?

He’ll love creating a set of resin cheeseboards and coasters. Perhaps, he can try taxidermy and pose and pin spiders and scorpions like a pro. And for him with the green thumb, how about a class where he can design a beautiful Zen garden?

Have him mix the perfect drink

If you and your partner like a cold beer at the end of a hard day, he’ll probably enjoy making beer at home. Cheers!

Of course, beer isn’t the only beverage in the world. There are more drinking classes out there to explore and have fun with wine, coffee, and gin. Even better, make it a shared experience and make thirst quenchers together. Drinking buddies FTW!

Share your passion

Is there something you’re curious or passionate about, and might enjoy even more as a pair? Take pottery, for example. It isn’t just about making pots; it’s a form of self-expression, a means of release and meditation.

Now, let your guy into your world and get him hooked on ceramic art, too! Take a class together and learn together on how to throw on the wheel, fire raku pottery pieces, or build ceramic vessels by hand. No more lazy weekends for you two.

Kiss the chef

Can your man cook? Lucky! Time to take those culinary skills to the next level.

There’s a cooking class for every type of food or cuisine. Go glocal with native Australian dishes or get fancy with some Indian food. Feel like having duck with some Pinot? Perhaps, some dessert? Finish off your next meal with homemade ice cream. Yum.

Why not take a cooking class together? Unlock many fun stay-in date ideas just bonding over food - all in the comfort of your own home.

Be the model to his masterpiece

Art is not just for the artsy. Just bring your enthusiasm and pick up a brush. And with the right muse (you!) and expert guidance, your guy can easily unleash his inner artist in a few sessions.

So many experiences to choose from! He can draw a realistic portrait, make an etched print, create an ink painting or a coffee painting and more, even without any prior experience. The most important part is that you’re learning how to do it together, and you’re both there to be each other’s inspiration.

Pick a class for your partner today and discover a side to him you’ve never before seen.