10 Funny Christmas Baking Fails Found Online

Christmas is a time to be merry and sure, you can aim for picture-perfect desserts, but where's the fun in that?

Creativity 5 min read Dec 09, 2021
10 Funny Christmas Baking Fails Found Online

We all have an idea of what a picture-perfect Christmas eve should look like. Who doesn’t want the entire family gathered around the table, feasting on a beautiful, mouth-watering spread? But the truth is, kitchen mistakes happen more often, and to more people, than we might think!

Lest we forget, the holidays are not really about achieving perfection, but rather about loved ones coming together to celebrate the reason for the season. So it’s okay to fumble… as these epic baking fails show! Of course, there are Christmas baking classes for that… 😆

1. Gingerbread man is sad

Ah yes, the gingerbread man. If you’re the resident baker in the house, chances are you’ve attempted this before and know exactly how deceiving they are in the pictures. They rarely ever come out right straight out of the oven!

Maybe it was the mix, or maybe it’s because it didn’t harden enough, but this gingerbread man looks like he’s seen better days.

2. Santa Claus bread gone wrong

Loved by kids and adults alike, Santa is a friendly character whose only wish is to bring happiness to every child on Christmas.

However, in this Pinterest user’s attempt at baking Santa bread, Father Christmas looks more Lovecraftian than Pickwickian! Would you want this coming down your chimney at night? Well, it’s edible Santa. Sure!

3. Smiley face fries are a mood

Like Smiley face chips? They’re emojis you can eat and they’re a fun snack for the kids.

A Reddit user posted this picture of their attempt at homemade face fries, and they couldn’t be farther away from anyone’s expectations. Do they look a bit disturbed? You bet. But do they taste good enough to serve on kids’ Christmas platters? Why not!

4. Chocolate banana penguins, we’re meltiiing!

While the maker probably did everything to the best of their abilities, there just wasn’t any saving this one. Then again, they’re bananas. Yum. And it’s chocolate. Yum yum.

To be fair, chocolate is a particularly tricky ingredient to work with so it will take a few more practice trays to nail the recipe. Until then, blame it on climate change? #Savethechocobananapenguins

5. Olaf’s evil quesadilla twin

Taking inspiration from Olaf, a spectacular character in the hit Disney movie “Frozen”, what kid wouldn’t want to wake up to this breakfast treat on Christmas morning?

This quesadilla though, not so much. So as Queen Elsa might put it, maybe just let it go. Let it go. ♪♩♪♩🎵

6. Brown sugar pecan bear is an oddball

Aww, how precious are these?

Hey, this one actually looks quite cute, in a sort of goofy, Gumby-like kind of way. Maybe that’s what the baker was going for. Retro!

7. Macarons are NSFW…?

These Macarons are not what they seem. Originally set out to be made into tiny bite-sized hearts, the macarons decided they had other plans. Gifting this to a partner really sends a strong message.

8. Snowman cupcake meets Halloween

Melted snowman cupcakes are supposed to be fun. Love the gooey goodness and mini chocolate cup on top. But just a few extra minutes in the oven and… oof! It really pays to get a kitchen timer that actually works.

9. Snowman truffles in trouble

There are countless ways to fail at baking anything snowman-related, and here is just another example of how tricky these little guys can be to make. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll still eat these morsels! All truffles taste so good when paired with some hot coffee!

10. Santa cake… but why?

Last but not least, the iconic Santa cake we’d love to have for a centrepiece. Talk about Instagram-worthy!

Sure, this looks nothing like the original picture. But it’s summer and we all know Santa doesn’t like the sun, which is why he does all his deliveries at night, right? You know we’re right.

Let these baking snafus serve as a reminder: It’s okay to not get things right, especially on the first try! What’s important is you spend the time trying something new and learn from your rookie mistakes. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly… not perfect!

Hey, it’s not too late to take Christmas baking classes. Find one near you!