13 Ways to Get the Most from Your Wine Course

It’s always good advice to try new things, especially when they come in liquid form. You'll wish your heady experience didn't have to end–and maybe now it won't have to!

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13 Ways to Get the Most from Your Wine Course

So you’re about to attend a wine course. Exciting! Wine classes are a great way to learn all about everyone’s favourite alcoholic beverage, and you’ll find that there’s always something new to love.

But after the class is over, how can you get the most out of your experience and continue to improve your skills? Here are a few things to try–even the most experienced aficionados can probably learn a thing or two from these strategies!

#1 Join a wine club

Wine clubs offer members exclusive access to special wines, discounts, and various events. You can get to try varietals you may not otherwise have discovered, as well as unique experiences, such as special tours or wine tasting events.

#2 Attend wine festivals

Local wine festivals or tastings are a great way to expand your knowledge of different varietals and styles. They often give away samples, so you can taste a variety of wines before you buy. You can also get advice from experts, as festivals also offer educational seminars and classes, so you can find out more about the history and production of different wines.

#3 Sign up for a wine tour

A wine tour is the perfect way to get an immersive experience and learn more about the wines you love and try new options. You’ll get to visit vineyards and see what goes on during the winemaking process. You can even sample some of the local wines and get a better understanding of the region’s climate and the unique flavours it produces.

#4 Buy a wine tasting kit

Tasting kits typically come with a variety of different wines, as well as a guide to help you understand the characteristics of each varietal. You’ll enhance your appreciation of wine, as you become more familiar with the different styles, aromas, and flavours. You can also use wine tasting kits to host your own party, plus they make a great gift for friends or family members who are trying to learn more about wine.

#5 Buy some wine glasses

Wine glasses are an essential part of any aspiring oenophile’s collection, and can make a big difference in how you experience your drink. They are designed to capture and enhance the aroma of wine, while also highlighting its colour, inviting you to savour each sip more slowly and appreciate the flavour nuances that may have been lost when drinking from an ordinary glass. They’re not just for your own enjoyment, either; wine glasses are also for serving your favourite varietals when you have guests over!

#6 Try a new varietal every month

You may think you know your favourite wines, but there are many more out there that you should try! Don’t get stuck in a rut; expand your wine knowledge and palate by trying new varietals and styles each month, from light-bodied Pinot Noirs to full-flavoured Syrahs. By sampling different wines on a regular basis, you’ll start to develop a better understanding of what makes each grape unique–and why people love them so much!

#7 Set up an Instagram account for your wine adventures

Instagram is the perfect tool for documenting your wine adventures. You can post pictures of your favourite wines, as well as share pictures and tasting notes from events you’ve attended. It’s also a great way to connect with other people who enjoy drinking wine and discover ideas about the next hot thing in the world of wine.

#8 Start a blog or vlog about wines

Ready to share your personal wine experience with the world? Why not start your own blog or vlog? Post reviews, tasting notes, and stories about your journey, and become part of a larger community of enthusiasts. Your blog or vlog can be your own platform to educate people who are just getting started with wine–just like the beginner you once were!

#9 Start a wine tasting group

If you’re hard-pressed to find someone in your life who shares your passion for wine, why not start a tasting group? It doesn’t even have to be an entire group; just find one other person and take it from there. Set up a meeting with a friend or colleague and talk about what wines you both enjoy drinking and where to source them, then come up with a plan for how often you want to meet up and where. Later, each member can bring along a plus-one–and a bottle or two of wine to introduce to the gang.

#10 Host a wine tasting party

Hosting your own wine tasting is an even more excellent way to entertain friends and meet new people who enjoy wine as much as you do. Just find out what kind of wines your guests like and buy some for each person who will be in attendance. Even better, find a nearby winery and see if they would be willing to send over samples of their best wines. Then, set up an area in your kitchen where people can sit down and try different kinds of wine with a choice of finger foods. Now, that’s a party!

#11 Make your own wine gift baskets

Personalise a gift basket that’s tailored to your recipient’s tastes, by putting together a bunch of items that you know they would enjoy. A great wine basket would include some cheese and crackers, as well as some chocolate or nuts. You can also make a gift basket for someone who is entertaining, like filling it with champagne flutes, wine glasses, cheese knives, and an elegant charcuterie board.

#12 Make your own wine

Okay, this is next-level–and definitely something you should do only if you are willing to put your time into it. Making wine is an intricate process, but if you love the taste of wine and want to learn more about what goes into it, there’s no better idea than making your own. You can gift them to friends and maybe even sell your own branded wines at some point down the road. And if you already followed Tip #8, you know you can use your blog or vlog to attract new customers!

#13 Start an online wine store

Well, if you’re already making your own wine, what’s to stop you from opening an online shop? Sell your wine directly to customers or partner with other wineries. Or if you’d rather source wines than make them, selling different varietals from around the world that you can’t get locally can be a great source of passive income and a natural extension of your existing business, if you already have an existing blog or vlog. It’s simply a great way to make money while still getting to enjoy what you love doing–and drinking–most.

No matter where you are in your journey, learning more about wine will make your experience all the more satisfying. The more you know, the more fun it is, after all. So don’t be afraid to try new experiences–something to keep in mind when you take your next wine course!

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