DIY Gift Hamper Ideas and Inspiration

Need affordable but thoughtful gift ideas? Get inspired and create hampers that will impress on Christmas Day, birthdays, and any other occasion.

Creativity 10 min read Dec 05, 2023
DIY Gift Hamper Ideas and Inspiration

You want to give someone a gift, but not a boring one. You want to give the impression that you spent good money on it, but you don’t have the cash to blow. How do you achieve this? Make them a personalised DIY gift hamper!

Hampers are thoughtful, creative, and unique. They’ll show that you care about the other person and know them well, plus these baskets are easy to make. All you need is some time, some imagination, and the right collection of goodies.

Food Hamper Ideas

Food Hamper Idea #1: Wine hamper

Wine hampers are perfect for wine lovers and are good for any occasion, especially birthdays! You can fill the hamper with wine and other accessories, such as glasses, corkscrews and bottle openers. You can also add some snacks to your hamper, such as cheese and crackers or nuts. If you want to be extra thoughtful, you can even include a gift card for a nice restaurant that serves wine!

Food Hamper Idea #2: Specialty dish hamper

If you’re looking for a gift for a foodie friend who loves to cook, specialty dish hampers are the perfect choice. Make a hamper filled with ingredients for a specialty dish, and watch them light up with excitement!

You can also include ingredients for a unique dish that they haven’t tried cooking before. For example, Vietnamese cuisine is a great place to start as it’s full of bold flavours and fresh ingredients. If you’re looking to send a gift that will impress, make a hamper of ingredients used for traditional Vietnamese dishes and add a bottle of wine or other drinks that they pair well with!

Food Hamper Idea #3: Sweets hamper

Sweets hampers are a great homemade gift for anyone who loves sweets. You can make your own sweet hamper by purchasing a basic basket and filling it with chocolate, candy, and other sweets. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even make some of the treats yourself!

Food Hamper Idea #4: Gluten-free food hamper

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is gluten intolerant or on a strict gluten-free diet, consider making them a gluten-free food hamper. You can include gluten-free bread, crackers, cookies and other snacks in this hamper to ensure that your loved one can enjoy their favourite treats, guilt-free.

Food Hamper Idea #5: Cheese hamper

What a better gift for a friend or loved one than cheese! It’s delicious, it can be paired with almost anything, and it comes in so many varieties that there’s bound to be something for everyone. Fill your DIY gift hamper with a selection of your friend’s favourite cheeses, and you won’t go wrong. You don’t even have to spend much money on cheese: most supermarkets have a selection of pre-packaged cheeses that are quite affordable.

Food Hamper Idea #6: Vegan food gift hamper

If you have a vegan friend or family member, a vegan food gift hamper could be a great gift idea. You can include things like pasta, tofu, and other non-animal treats like chocolate, or healthy snacks such as fruit juice or nuts. You don’t have to spend much money on vegan food either: most supermarkets now have a range of pre-packaged, affordable vegan products.

Food Hamper Idea #7: Fruit Hamper

This is a great gift for people who can’t get enough of fruits. All you need is a basket filled with a variety of different fruits. You can also try pairing some wine with the fruits to make your gift extra special.

Food Hamper Idea #8: Coffee hamper

Coffee hampers are just about the perfect gift for someone who loves to drink coffee. You can include different varieties of coffee, along with accessories like mugs and coasters. If you want to make it even more special, you could include a personalised mug with their name or a customised picture on it.

Food Hamper Idea #9: Picnic basket for two

A picnic basket is a great gift idea for someone who loves to go on picnics, or someone you would love to go on a picnic with! You can include different food items, as well as any other accessories or supplies like cutlery sets and napkins that you think would be useful for a picnic. You can also include a picnic blanket, which will make it easier for the recipient to enjoy their gift.

Food Hamper Idea #10: Snacks hamper

Snacks hampers are a great gift for anyone who loves snacking! You can include different types of chips, crackers and candy, as well as drinks like soda or juice. This is also a great option for kids, as it gives them a chance to try new snacks!

Food Hamper Idea #11: BBQ hamper

If you know someone who loves to throw meat on the grill, a BBQ hamper would make the perfect gift. You can include different types of meats and marinades, along with things like drinks (like beer or wine) or snacks that make BBQ day an extra special occasion.

Food Hamper Idea #12: Tea time basket

Make tea time extra special by giving your friend or family member a personalised tea basket! You can include things like different types of teas, as well as cookies or other snacks to go with, or even a personalised tea cup if you want to make it extra special. Just don’t forget to add their favourite tea in there!

Food Hamper Idea #13: Breakfast basket

This is a great gift idea for anyone who loves to start their day off right. You can include things like coffee or tea, breakfast pastries and muffins, granola bars, and more. You can also throw in an inspirational book in there so that they can start their day off feeling inspired and motivated.

Other DIY Hamper Ideas

DIY Hamper Idea #1: Beauty hamper

A beauty hamper is a great gift for someone who loves to pamper themselves. You can include any number of beauty products, from makeup and perfume to nail polish and hair accessories. This is also an excellent choice if you want to give something that will last for more than one use!

DIY Hamper Idea #2: Pamper package for new mums or mums-to-be

Pamper packages for new mums and mothers-to-be are great gifts for anyone who is expecting a baby! You can include things like baby clothes, toys, books, and other necessities like diapers. You can also include a gift card for their favourite beauty salon, or a massage. This way they can have someone else pamper them while they recover from the birth of their baby!

DIY Hamper Idea #3: Happy camper hamper

A hamper full of camper gear is an awesome gift for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. You can include things like marshmallows, chocolate, and other foods that you would normally take with you when going camping. You can also include camping equipment, hiking gear, fishing gear, and pine-cone fire-starters and matches to help set up that perfect, hassle-free camping trip.

DIY Hamper Idea #4: Bath time hamper

If you have a friend or family member who loves baths, then why not give them the gift of luxury? You can include things like fragrant soaps, bath bombs, and other fun bath time goodies that will make them feel like they’re at the spa. You could also include a towel, wash cloth, and some sort of robe so that they can get out of the tub in style!

DIY Hamper Idea #5: Pet pamper hamper

If you want to give a unique gift that will delight both the recipient and their pet, then consider getting them a pet pamper hamper. You can include different types of treats, toys and grooming items, or even a pet bed so that they can give their furry friend the royal treatment. This is a great way to show how much you care about their four-legged friend while also giving them something practical they can use on a regular basis.

DIY Hamper Idea #5: Sports fan hamper

Sports fan hampers are a great gift for anyone who loves watching sports or playing them! You can include things like sports-themed snacks or drinks, as well as team apparel. If you’re feeling generous, you can also include a sports-related gift, like a new pair of sneakers or gym bag. And if you’re keen to really splurge, why not include some tickets for their favourite team’s next game? This way they will have something special to remember the day by.

DIY gift hampers are fun to make and are a popular, cost-effective way to give someone special something they will love. There are many things you can include in your gift that will show you care and let them know you put a lot of thought into it. Let your imagination run wild by creating your own DIY gift hamper!

Create your own gift hampers!
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