11 Creative Things to Do in Sydney for $50 or Less

Learn something new. Gain a new hobby. Meet great people.

Creativity 5 min read Sep 27, 2019
11 Creative Things to Do in Sydney for $50 or Less

Has learning something new and beefing up your skillset always been in your bucket list? You’re in luck because pretty much everything there is to learn is found in every corner of Sydney. Whether there’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, or maybe want to gain an important practical skill, we’ve collected for you some of our favourite classes and workshops that are available at a great deal. Enjoy!

Wine: The VERY Basics at Handpicked Wines

Get some proper know-how and finally get real comfortable with your favourite alcohol by learning the very basics of wine in this 75-minute class. You will be guided through tasting five (5) wine varieties, liberated from any wine confusion, and have a better appreciation for the viniculture. There will be an open discussion in all things wine with Handpicked Wines’ resident sommelier.

Where: Handpicked Cellar Door
When: June 13th
Cost: $35

Learn How to Fence at SilverSword Fencing Academy (10-Week Programme)

Defend your honour in twelfth century style by learning the noble art of fencing. SilverSword Fencing Academy offers a ten-week programme that’ll teach you fencing skills, finesse and choreography, among others. The programme also promises gaining rapid and accurate decision making skills, that by the end of it, you’ll do The Three Musketeers proud.

Where: Don Bosco (Boystown) Engadine
When: July 22nd & October 14th
Cost: $200 (1 Class/Week), $280 (2 Classes/Week), $360 (3 Classes/Week), $25 (One-off Pass)

Zine Workshop at Work-Shop

The zine culture is being revived once again in millennials’ hopes of promoting not just art out into the world, but their ideas as well. In this workshop, you will learn what a zine is and its importance. You will be creating your own unique zine using DIY materials and a variety of creative tools. The workshop is presented by Zine and Indie Comic Symposium co-founder, Jeremy Staples.

Where: Lismore Art Space
When: June 17th
Cost: $50

Hulahoop for Beginners: The Bunny HoopStar Technique at Dance Central Sydney

Hula hooping isn’t just for the kids anymore. In case you didn’t know, the hula hoop can be a fantastic fitness tool and calorie burner when done right (read: 600 calories an hour) Looking to get started? Drop in at Dance Central Sydney and hoop your way through toned abs in no time!

Where: Dance Central
When: July 1st, August 5th, September 2nd, October 7th, November 4th, December 2nd
Cost: $35

Techniques of Learning a Foreign Language at Italian Connections

If you decided this year was the year to learn a new language, one of your biggest worries might be how to learn it quickly and keep it fresh in your mind. Learning to speak a new language may not always be the easiest, especially for adults. Know the hacks and linguistic techniques to retaining a foreign language and stay fluent like your younger self in this comprehensive workshop. This class is a must not just for adults, but for students of all levels.

Where: Alexander Street, Crows Nest
When: June 17th
Cost: $43

Makin’ Bacon at Work-Shop

Any meat enthusiast must at least, once in his life, experience the satisfying art of making his own bacon. So if you’re a fan, forget about buying bacon – book a class and learn the complete process of making it, from curing to adding a variety of flavours. Other than learning to make it from scratch, best part of the class is getting to take home your uniquely-flavoured bacon.

Where: Work-Shop Sydney
When: June 22nd
Cost: $50 (Regular), $45 (Bring-a-Friend)

Declutter 101 at Kin & Kind

If you’ve ever looked at beautiful, clutter-free spaces on Pinterest or in magazines and thought your home could never look like that, think again! Learn the secret to dealing with clutter and changing your life forever by knowing the tools and principles to decluttering and keeping an orderly sanctuary. You can even bring photos of your problem areas and Anita, the instructor, can talk you through solutions.

Where: Kin & Kind
When: June 20th
Cost: $35 (Regular), $30 (Bring-a-Friend)

Neon Life-Drawing at Work-Shop

Keen for a trippy, creative experience? Join an evening of experimentation with light, colour and texture, as you learn techniques in proportion, foreshadowing, tonal drawing, negative spaces and more. A model covered in fluorescent paint will be the subject of your drawings and you will walk away from class with better sketching skills. Beer will also be supplied by the good mates at Young Henry’s.

Where: Nauti Studios
When: August 7th
Cost: $40

Meredith Dairy Tasting Workshop at Butcher and the Farmer

Drop in at Butcher and the Farmer and learn about the fascinating story behind Meredith Dairy and their products, while getting to try from their range of delicious and nutritious fresh sheep and goat milk products, paired with equally delicious produce from Butcher and the Farmer!

Where: Butcher and the Farmer
When: July 4th
Cost: $15

Smartphone Filmaking 101 at Kin & Kind

We have to admit that smartphone technology has come a long way, that even cinematographers have now been using phone devices for their filmmaking. This is tangible proof that beautiful films don’t need to be shot with expensive equipment, so long as you’re equipped with the right skills. Join this 1.5 hour workshop to learn smartphone filmmaking the right way and create cinema quality movies all on your phone.

Where: Kin & Kind
When: July 19th
Cost: $50 (Regular), $45 (Bring-a-Friend)

Beginners Bookbinding: Japanese binding at The Rizzeria

Japanese bookbinding is an ideal place to start for anyone looking to exploring the world of bookbinding. The techniques are simple, and doesn’t require the use of many tools. Explore what your creativity can come up with and come away with a beautiful notebook made using Japanese binding techniques.

Where: The Rizzeria Marrickville
When: August 7th
Cost: $29 (Regular), $24 (Bring-a-Friend)

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