WeTeachMe in the News: 2013

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WeTeachMe in the News: 2013

2013: The Rise of the Sharing Economy [PDF], TriplePundit/Papyrus

12/30/13: Ten Start-Ups That Helped Save the World in 2013, TriplePundit

12/26/13: Start-up Profiles – Breakdowns, interventions and entire rebuilds: WeTeachMe’s Start-ups are Scary story, Cavalletti Communications

12/24/13, 2013′s Best Sharing Economy Concepts, TriplePundit

12/23/13: How tech startups rate Australia, TechWorld

12/6/13: Breakdowns, interventions and entire rebuilds along WeTeachMe’s path to success, SmartCompany

12/5/13: Breakdowns, Interventions and Entire Rebuilds: WeTeachMes Start-Ups are Scary Story, StartupSmart

12/4/13: Share Sydney The Collaborative Movement Storming Our City, City of Sydney (SlideShare)

12/1/13: The gifts that keep on giving, The Canberra Times

12/1/13: The gifts that keep on giving, The Age

12/1/13: The gifts that keep on giving, WA Today

11/24/13: MYER One Rewards Program Strategy Review, Leah Pants Blog

11/21/13: Everything won’t be Ok, Thinkactlives Blog

11/1/13: Community Learning Programs in Melbourne, Activate Learning Solutions

11/1/13: Using mobile devices in business: The Challenges day 1, Tech Coach HQ

10/11/13: Australian Startup Snapshot: WeTeachMe, Techworld

10/8/13: Five Sobering Lessons for Start-Up Dreamers, Business Spectator

10/3/13: Making sustainable theatre in Australia, StageBitz

10/13: Melbourne Knowledge Week, The Melbourne Review

9/26/13: Share Sydney: The Collaborative Movement Storming Our City, City of Sydney

9/13: Future of Money, Gauravonomics‎

9/11/13: Shared economy guide for approval, Creative Commons Korea (SlideShare)

8/30/13: Launch48: Accelerating Innovation, Shoreditch Office Space

8/13/13: Elevator Pitch: WeTeachMe, Lifehacker

8/1/13: WeTeachMe [1] [2], NETT Magazine

7/30/13: 48 hours in the shared economy, Time Out

6/4/13: The Collaborative Economy: Products, Services, And Market Relationships Have Changed As Sharing Startups Impact Business Models. To Avoid Disruption, Companies Must Adopt The Collaborative Economy Value Chain, Altimeter

5/24/13, WeTeachMe Pivot & are accepted into 500Startups & Techstars, Shoestring Startups

5/22/13: #10: Collaborative Consumption: Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement, MSLGROUP India

5/22/13: #10: Collaborative Consumption: Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement, MSLGROUP

4/26/13: (video) 5 Minute Interview with Kym Huynh, The People Who Share

4/8/13: (video) Women in Business Part 3, StartupSmart

4/1/13: Five Aussie Startups Bringing US Ideas Down Under, The Huffington Post

4/13: Tecnología Share Economy, Consumo Colaborativo

3/27/13: Growing Your Business with Collaborative Consumption, Dynamic Business

3/25/13: (video) Women in Business Part 2, StartupSmart

3/19/13: An Insight into WeTeachMe, York Butter Factory

3/1/13: WeTeachMe: A New Way for Teachers to Share Knowledge, Triple Pundit

3/13: De L’économie À La Demande À L’économie Du Partage, NextStage

2/23/13: Le TOP 200 des startups de l’économie du partage, AlexandreJeanpetit.net

2/21/13: Weekly Recap (11-15 February 2013), York Butter Factory

2/20/13: Customer Acquisitionin the Sharing Economy, Triple Pundit

2/16/13: WeTeachMe: Our Latest Success Story, Launch48

1/11/13: Interview with Kym Huynh, IWillTriumph

1/28/13: Todays Peer-to-Peer Economy, unstash