Top Art Classes in Brisbane

Get ready to let your artistic side leap out.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Top Art Classes in Brisbane

If you’ve ever meandered through museums and exhibits, looked at masterpieces, and asked yourself, “Could I do that, too?” The simple answer is yes you could. We’ve got the right classes for you to master a range of mediums and then some, if you’re looking to sharpen your artistic skills. Below are the top art classes and workshops in Brisbane for all levels in painting, drawing, design and more.

Pub Painting at Stock Exchange with Life with Paint

Pub painting is set up to be a fun and chill night out with your friends, family, a date, or even just by yourself. Imagine being in a good crowd, sipping wine, partaking in a beautiful meal, a paintbrush in hand and a blank canvas before you. Enjoy a night of music and socialising, while you uncork your your inner artist by being walked through the steps of creating a floral masterpiece.

Where: Stock Exchange Hotel
When: July 4th
Cost: $65 (Regular), $39 (Group of 6 or more)

Reiki Colour Therapy at Hands On Brisbane

Many are unfamiliar with the healing powers of colours, and how it can enrich your life in a number of ways. This concept is introduced in this class, by engaging you in the creative process of therapeutic art. You will learn how colours can be used for self-healing, explore the power of mandalas by creating them, and many more.

Where: The Gardens Club
When: July 16th
Cost: $40 (Regular), $37 (Early Bird)

Resin Art Workshop at Candu Creative

Resin art classes are becoming increasingly popular because it provides the gateway to become truly creative. Resin is the type of medium that does its own thing, which allows creation of only one-of-a-kind pieces. Create your own beautiful art using either a 30cm x 40cm OR a 40cm round canvas, and an abundance of colours and effects. You get to take home your unique artwork at the end of the class.

Where: Barnes
When: July 19th & 29th, August 26th
Cost: $200 (Regular), $180 (Bring-a-Friend)

Introduction to Watercolour at Cass Deller Design

This class is the perfect entry point for beginners to understand how to paint with watercolours successfully. Cass will begin by introducing you to the fundamentals: colour theory, the proper materials to use and the nine most common watercolour techniques. From there, students can paint straightaway and learn how to make beautiful expressive marks to create leaves among others, as well as abstract paintings.

Where: Share Space
When: July 15th, August 5th
Cost: $75 (Ticket Only), $40 (Take home materials)

Old-School Design Skills Workshop with Chris Eichberger

No school like the old school, and creative director Chris Eichberger is going to educate on a classic design skill you may not be familiar with: scamp. Learn what ‘scamp’ is and why it’s essential in the creative process to present pure ideas and resolve a number of problems when it comes to design work. Gaining this skill will mean being able to utilise your time better, and gaining a wider range of ideas.

Where: Little Mountain Studio
When: July 6th
Cost: $165 (Regular), $85 (Bring-a-Friend)

Tony Walker is an acclaimed artist based in Queensland, and his artwork is focused on landscape and figurative painting that depict an expressive style. Learn the fundamentals of this medium from his refreshing approach to watercolour painting. He will teach on developing skills through techniques, creative composition, colour theory, even drawing and more.

Where: Upstairs at Royal Queensland Art Society’s Petrie Terrace Gallery
When: June 24th, October 7th, December 2nd
Cost: $47.50 (Regular), $42 (RQAS Members Price)

Why bother with life drawing? If you’ve been looking for motivation to come to one, there are many reasons you should - the obvious one being that it makes you a better artist. Nothing like building a solid foundation of life drawing skills than drawing like the masters did. Be part of five weeksZs of peaceful and relaxing drawing sessions and gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the human form.

Where: Upstairs at Royal Queensland Art Society’s Petrie Terrace Gallery
When: June 24th, August 26th
Cost: $187.70 %

Botanical Drawing with Drinks at Work-Shop

Welcome to a night of draw, paint and sip. What’s in store? You will be looking at botanical still subjects that you will create an illustration of using pencils, ink and watercolours. You will break-free from the fearful mindset and get your creative juices flowing. Most important, you will have a relaxing time while you discover your artistic side and creating your own botanical painting.

Where: WOTSO Workspace
When: July 6th
Cost: $60

Brushes & Beats: Intro to Painting with Music at Work-Shop

The environment in which we are in has a major influence in our creative process. Variations in lighting, colours on the walls, different smells, different types of sounds - these sensory experiences invade the artistic process. In this class, artist Shannon Toth introduces the sensory effects of music in the painting process. You will be learning and painting along your favourite music, and have some cheeky drinks to boot.

Where: WOTSO Workspace
When: July 30th
Cost: $65

Intro to Batik Painting at Work-Shop

Batik Painting is becoming more and more popular in Australia as a wonderfully creative medium. It’ll be interesting to know though that this art of cloth decorating has been practised for centuries and was used to wrap mummies of ancient Egypt. In this class you will learn about this olden art and craft, and you will learn how to make beautiful paintings using batik on canvas techniques.

Where: WOTSO Workspace
When: September 17th
Cost: $100 (Regular), $90 (Bring-a-Friend)

Intro to Pastel Art at Work-Shop

Pastels are a traditional medium that provides vibrancy in drawings and paintings, and allows a significant amount of detail. It’s a completely dry medium to which you can quickly achieve an artwork with, all you need is a piece of paper and pastels. In this class you will be doing hands-on sketching and painting with pastels, as well as learn a myriad of techniques. from mixing colours on paper to painting light and shadow, among others.

Where: WOTSO Workspace
When: July 5th
Cost: $60

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