Inspiration & Visual Literacy for Photography

Inspiration & Visual Literacy for Photography

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See farther from the shoulders of giants.

Being able to consistently find inspiration is the most crucial skill you need to make captivating photographs.

In this relaxed, conversational class we’ll drink from the well of the most genre-defining (and defying) masters of photography through a guided immersion into 100+ years of arresting and inspirational single images, photo-essays and photobooks.

We’ll track the course of the most innovative contributions to photography and deconstruct what makes them work.

We’ll touch on black and white, the birth of colour, a range of film formats and camera types, the digital revolution, the poetic, the representational, the decisive and the suggestive; stand alone images that tell stories, epic photo essays and creative book sequences. That is, the best work that defines, blurs and transcends photojournalism, documentary, travel, street, landscape, portraiture, fine art and typological photography.

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What you will learn
  • Improve your photographic visual literacy, a valuable awareness of both influential and unsung photographers, their approaches, philosophies, visual styles and techniques.
  • Learn to recognize where your photography sits historically, conceptually and aesthetically (and therefore know when your work stands out).
  • Learn to pay homage to, combine and build on the work and styles of your influences consciously.
What you will get
  • Three hours of animated discussion, insight and access to top photobooks with an award-winning photographer.
  • A gold mine reading/viewing list of suggested photographers, their books and films about them to continue self-directed learning, enjoyment and inspiration for years to come.

What to bring
  • A pen, notepad and the names of two photographers who inspire you.
What to wear


Appropriate for

Photography enthusiasts of all ages and abilities (under 18 please bring a parent guardian).


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Terms & Conditions

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In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund or credit.

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