Introduction to Photography Composition

Introduction to Photography Composition

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How do photographers use composition to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary?


In this relaxed, conversational workshop you will learn to identify the points of interest, shapes, lines and ratios hiding in plain sight all around us – and how to employ them as building blocks for captivating photographs.


We’ll illustrate and discuss how these basic shapes and forms interact with content and other elements of style to bring your visual subjects alive.


Each concept is taught using thoughtfully designed, high quality visual aids and immediately reinforced by shoot-and-review sessions that will cement your theoretical foundation.

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What you will learn
  • Acquire universal tools for building successful compositions in any context, irrespective of your chosen camera or lens type.
  • Move beyond compositional clichés like the ‘rules of thirds’ to identify and employ the points of interest, shapes, lines and ratios hidden in plain sight all around us.
What you will get
  • Inspiring and direct teaching sessions with an award-winning photographer using thoughtfully designed, high quality visual aids to teach and discuss each concept.
  • Multiple shoot-and-review sessions that directly follow each workshop concept so you can take theory straight into practice and receive immediate feedback and encouragement.
  • A bundle of new ideas to continue self-directed learning and practice.

What to bring
  • A pen, notepad and digital camera.
What to wear

Casual, weather appropriate clothes for outdoors.

Appropriate for

Photography enthusiasts of all ages and abilities (under 18 please bring a parent guardian).


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Terms & Conditions

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