Spanish Beginners 4 (South Yarra)

What to Bring

  • Textbook: Aula Internacional 1-New Edition

What to Wear

  • Casual

Spanish Beginners 4 (South Yarra)

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Term 4 2017
  • Tuesday - 10 Oct 6:00 PM to 12 Dec 7:30 PM (10 Weeks)
  • Tuesday - 10 Oct 10:00 AM to 28 Nov 12:00 PM (8 Weeks)

What You Will Learn

  • Describing your neighbourthood, asking for and give directions
  • Making invitations, making plans
  • Talking about experiences in the past


Spanish Beginners 4, Book: Aula Internacional 1-New Edition, Unit 8, 9 and additional units on making plans

Unidad 8-El barrio ideal Imagine and describe the perfect neighbourhood


  • Describe villages, neighbourhoods and towns
  • Say what you like about places
  • Ask for and give directions to get to a place


  • Verb HABER-HAY (there is/there are)
  • Verb ESTAR (to be-location)
  • Verbs SEGUIR (to continue), CRUZAR (to cross), GIRAR/DOBLAR (to turn) IR (to go)
  • Quantifiers
  • Locutions of location


  • Buildings and places of interest in a city or town


  • Barrios-Neighbourhoods

Final task

  • You will describe and present a neighbourhood or town from the Spanish-speaking world

Unidad Adicional-¿Qué planes tienes para el fin de semana? Make plans to go out on the weekend


  • Talking about free time activities
  • Making plans
  • Inviting out


  • IR +A+ infinitivo


  • Vocabulary related to free time and cultural activities


  • ¿A dónde vamos? Going out in a Spanish-speaking country

Final task

  • You will choose an activity from a cultural agenda and invite people to go with you.


Unidad 9-¿Sabes cocinar? Choose the ideal candidate for a job


  • Talk about past experiencesTalk about skills and abilities
  • Talk about strong and weak points
  • Describe attributes for particular occupations


  • Pretérito Perfecto (Present Perfect Tense) HABER + PARTICIPIO (-ADO; -IDO and some common irregulars)
  • Verb SABER + inf (to know-knowledge). Contrast with verb PODER(to be able to-ability)


  • Expressions of frequencyAdjectives of character


  • Living as a young adult in the Spanish-speaking world

Final task

  • Create a survey about life experiences, conduct it in class and report your findings in a short text (you can include graphs, images, etc).

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Sep 2016
Spanish Beginners 4 (South Yarra) - 11 Jul 2016 7:30 PM

Such a fun class and by the end of 10 weeks I felt like I had not only learned a lot but really polished up my previous Spanish knowledge. I found learning the past tense preterito perfecto was really helpful in allowing me to communicate better. Sandra was such a great teacher and really encouraged us to speak as much Spanish as possible with nearly the entire class being conducted in Spanish. Highly recommend!

Dec 2015
Spanish Beginners 4 (South Yarra) - 10 Oct 2015 11:30 AM

Замечательные курсы. Прекрасные преподаватели. Никогда не думала, что в таком возрасте можно учить третий язык и в принципе даже что-то и выучить :) теперь даже могу узнавать какие-то знакомые слова э, если кто-то говорит по испански. Осталось только вспомнить что это значит :) Хочу сказать особое спасибо преподавателям. Это было смешно, познавательно и "без напряга".

Dec 2015
Spanish Beginners 4 (South Yarra) - 06 Oct 2015 10:00 AM

I learned basic spanish. enough to get me through Mexico and to be understood. My instructor was fantastic - very thorough, and the course is well structured. I enjoyed everything, and love it so much I am continuing. I found in Farolito just what I had been looking for. I also didn't mind travelling the distance. Very happy student - Mt Eliza.

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