Spanish Pre-Intermediate 1 (South Yarra)

Next Available: 11 Oct 6:00PM
1.5 hours


Book: Aula Internacional 2- New Edition, Units 1, 2

Unidad 1-El español y yo


  • Give personal information and talk about habits
  • Talk about your relationship with the Spanish language
  • Talk about difficulties in learning Spanish and give recommendations
  • Talk about duration of time


  • Present tense revision (reflexive and stem-changing)
  • Prepositions porque/paraSENTIRSE+ adjetivo
  • me/te/le/nos/os/les CUESTA(N)…
  • me/te/le/nos/os/les RESULTA(N) + adj
  • TENER QUE +inf
  • (NO) ES necesario…/ VA bien/ lo mejor ES…


  • Daily activities
  • Vocabulary related to learning a language


  • The new Spanish people

Final task

  • Make a survey to a classmate about learning Spanish and write recommendations for improvement.

Unidad 2-Una vida de película


  • Narrate events in the past
  • Giving biographical information


  • Pretérito Indefinido (Preterite Tense)
  • Regular and common irregular verbs
  • Verbal periphrasis to express commencement EMPEZAR A +inf (to start to)


  • Time markers to express events in the past
  • Moments in the life of a person (nacer, estudiar, viajar, enamorarse, casarse, recibirse, tener hijos, trabajar, jubilarse, morir)


  • The life of famous speaking people

Final task

  • Write your own imaginary biography

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Class Schedule

Term 4 2017 Tuesdays, 11 Oct 6:00 PM to 13 Dec 7:30 PM Wednesdays, 14 Oct 10:00 AM to 16 Dec 11:30 AM

What you will learn
  • Describe your experience as a language learner and your relationship with the Spanish language
  • Narrate events in the past
  • Refer to biographical information

What to bring
  • Textbook: Aula Internacional 2
What to wear


At Farolito Spanish Language School we pride ourselves of being fully dedicated to the teaching and promotion of Spanish language and Hispanic-Latin American cultures.

All our teachers are experienced and qualified to deliver quality teaching to adults and/or children.

All our teachers are native speakers of Spanish: you will hear the language as spoken in their countries of origin.

Farolito’s classes are small (Avarage 5 students), with plenty of opportunity for conversation and clarifying doubts.

Your teacher gets to know you better and you progress more effectively in your learning.

We believe that communication is the key to learning and demonstrate it in our classes, whilst addressing all language competencies (speaking, listening, reading and writing) for complete language literacy.

We use proven methods and textbooks successful worldwide; our levels are in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which ensures that outcomes are consistent.

Farolito offers levels from Beginners to Advance Conversation: we are supportive throughout your learning experience from first steps to fluency.

We provide an exclusive learning zone for Farolito Spanish Language School students with support material to advance your learning.

Our Farolito community is alive by our regular activities, events and forum for student’s exchange. We provide a fun and friendly environment, you will learn with gusto!

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

Farolito Spanish Language School refund policy

  • Enrolments for group classes or private lessons are non-refundable, please choose carefully before enroling. 
  • Credit options are available in case of extreme circumstances (E.g. sickness) in the first week of a course to be used in other course within a specific time (subject to availability).


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Terms & Conditions

Farolito Spanish Language School terms and conditions of enrolment:

1. Refunds: Enrolments are non-refundable or redeemable for private lessons, please choose carefully before enroling.

2. Payment dates: Full payment of a course is required to process a booking. Full payment should be made before the term starting date.

3. Class cancellations: A minimum of 3 students is required to open a course. Payments are fully refunded in the event of cancellation of classes on behalf of Farolito Spanish.

4. Levels: We will ensure to recommend you the right level. However, we understand that sometimes it is difficult to find your feet on the right level. Changes are possible within the first week of the course you have enrolled in. Please contact us to discuss your options. Changes will be subjected to availability, as places are limited.

5. Payment: Full payment of a course is required to process a booking. Full payment should be made before the term starting date.

6. Missed classes: With our Farolito ‘student’s only’ Wiki website you will have access to class materials, and you can use the forum or e-mail to ask questions and contact your teacher. If you missed a class you are also welcome to attend another one on that same week (at the same or lower level) to maintain the contact with the language (subject to students’ numbers, please contact us before attending a make up class). Missed classes are not refounded.

7. Students number: A minimum of 3 students is required to open a course. In the case of a group class having less than 3 students Farolito reserves the right to shorten the class time to by 30min.

8. Private lessons: Please give note 48hs in advance to reschedule your class. Classes which are cancelled within 48hs to the scheduled time will be charged in full. Farolito Spanish will ensure to inform you in advace of any changes to your scheduled booking (Eg. Your teacher is sick and there is no replacement available). Block bookings are non-refundable, please choose carefully before enroling.

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11 April 2016 • Spanish Pre-Intermediate 1 (South Yarra)

Yes, class was as described on the class profile. And I believe the whole package is good value for the price. Instructor 'phenomenal"!! I loved the overall experience and certainly recommend. A very professional outfit all over.


11 April 2016 • Spanish Pre-Intermediate 1 (South Yarra)

Excellent teacher, fun group of students. A really great way to learn Spanish.