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Fashion by Foot is what you get when you mix two style consultants with a passion for…

•good design principles

•sharing our knowledge of Melbourne’s creative culture

•doing something to slow the fast fashion frenzy

•well considered purchases that work well for a client

•knowing the story behind our clothes

•supporting local micro businesses

•walking and talking, learning while doing

•beautiful handmade and bespoke pieces

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18 December 2018 • Fashion by Foot Brunswick Tour

Donna and Briar were so knowledgeable, professional and welcoming, I felt very comfortable and quite special spending the day exploring Brunswick fashion scene. Thanks for sharing you knowledge and insights.


16 December 2018 • Fashion by Foot City Tour

Highly recommend this unique experience! From exploring beautifully made fashion and jewellery in extraordinary locations to an amazing lunch at Movida and chatting with designers, the Fashion by Foot tour is definitely worthwhile. Forget mass-produced fashion - embrace sustainable and ethical designers by going on this one-of-a-kind tour!


19 November 2018 • Fashion by Foot Brunswick Tour

A fun afternoon which introduced great local designers and provided fantastic insights into personal style. I haven't shopped the same way since!

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