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(4) Melbourne, VIC


Illustrators Australia is a member-run organisation that engages, informs and educates members on matters across the illustration industry.

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Sep 2016

Learned a lot about the industry and it was an enjoyable event.

Aug 2016

Was a very important event to go to, I learnt that my business module is on track and felt encourage to continue as I'm practicing. I was surprised to learn that Agents only manage your jobs , they don't exactly source new work for you and you don't necessarily need one if you're proactively organised. My impression of agents was very embellished were I thought if you scored an agent, work would swarm in and you become super rich. ha ha.

Aug 2016

Great setup, guest speaker was tilling as we're the panels for the q&a. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, just a shame there was an hour delay in starting.

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