Italian Connections Sydney, NSW


Learn to speak Italian--the language of romance--and explore with us the culture of L'Italia. We offer fun, effective courses and seminars, plus amazing study trips to Italy!

Why learn with us? We offer you much more than a course: we will connect you to your new Italian world in many different and interesting ways.

About the Founder of Italian Connections

Born and bred in Milan, Elena De Felice speaks five languages and has earned from Milan University a Degree in Interpreting and an Honour's Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature.

Languages and communication have been Elena's passion from a very young age. This, combined with her enthusiasm, was what motivated her to create her business, after many years of experience as a teacher and translator.




Jun 2017
Italian for Intermediates (Avalon) - 02 May 2017 9:00 AM

Great small group with an excellent teacher. Cristiana teaches from understanding the needs of her class & therefore shows great empathy . Its a fun & interractive clas.

Jun 2017

This Term for me wax much easier as there was less emphasis on Grammar and we were made to speak in Italian nearly all the time., but still using Grammar ofcourse, Our new Teacher is excellent, and all the Class is delighted as we were afraid that no one would be able to replace our previous one...! I could not be more satisfied.

Apr 2017
Italian during the holidays - 15 Jul 2017 10:00 AM

Thoroughly enjoyed the class - proprio quello che speravo! Highly recommend Italian Connections and I have gone on to sign up for more lessons.

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