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Linda Scanlon Photography

Melbourne, VIC 3000
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I have had a camera since I was three years old. I studied Photography and Darkroom technique sin high school and have recently gained a Diploma in Photo Imaging. I am the official Photographer for Business in Heels and a member of several photography groups.

What I like to shoot: Events, Portraits, landscapes.

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31 January 2018 • Photography Walks

DISAPPOINTING CLASS Linda is nice, however overall I was disappointed with this walk. Being fairly new to photography (I have attended a couple of in depth courses) I was hoping to develop my skills in this one. At the start of the day, I asked for an overview of the general camera functions (i.e. ISO, appeture & shutter speed) to help jog my memory. Linda wouldn’t give an overview and instead suggested we take a picture on auto mode and experiment with the camera functions on our own. I also asked for advice on how to take a shot with bright and dark spots for which I was told to overexpose and use photoshop later. My partner is a photographer and was shocked at this advice as it is incorrect, doesn’t develop you as a photographer and wasn’t actually possible to edit in this way. Additionally, I paid for a 2hr course however it started late and finished early leaving us just 1hr20 for the course. Finally, Linda was more focused on taking her own shots than teaching the group. This walk may be suited to someone who can already take pictures and wants company, however.... If you’re a beginner... I’d suggest pay the extra for a reputable course (it’s worth it) or dedicate a few hours yourself to walking and experimenting with your camera. If you’re more experienced... join a meet up group - you’ll meet lots more people, likely get better tips and it’s free! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! (Sorry Linda you seem nice, but I have to give honest feedback)

Linda Scanlon Photography


I'm sorry you were disappointed with the walk you have miss quoted me on exposure and we did have a late an attendee the walk finished at 6 


23 May 2017 • Photography Walks

Thank you Linda for sharing your knowledge with me on our walk. I am now feeling more confident with my camera's manual settings and will definitely play around more. I just need to work out how to turn off my camera's override settings... thanks again. Rose


19 May 2017 • Photography Walks

Learnt how to us the manual settings on my camera. Linda is very knowledgeable and shared with me some very handy hints and tips