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Comedy Night

Standup Comedy Night

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Join Rebel Stepz & The Fitzroy Art Collective for a wonderful night of stand-up comedy & live music.
We are hosting 6 Melbourne based comedians who will be sharing their anecdotes and tales of hilarity with us.
There will be time to enjoy live music and grab some drinks and snacks from our bar.
Come down, have some laughs and support our local comedy scene.


Jez Watts 7.30 - 7.45 PM
Creator of The Nasty Show Australia, Jez Watts is a comedian originally from Perth who tours regularly and is broke often. He’s had sellout shows on the west coast, east coast and internationally, been tour support for Duncan Trussell, Brian Posehn & The Dollop and was selected as having one of the “Top 10 Jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe" by The Guardian (UK).

Rao Morusu 7.45 - 7.55 PM
Rao is a young member on the comedy scene.
Winner of the competition, "Are You Funnier Than George?", Rao is now looking forward to 2020 when he will be debuting his show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and looking forward to building his repertoire.

Ashy Rose 7.55 - 8.10 PM
With "more pop than a freshly opened Pringles packet" (The Upside News), Ashy celebrates insecurities and flaws, adapting the songs of iconic bands such as Spice Girls, N’Sync, The Vengaboys and more. Ashy will take her audience back to the days of singing in their bedrooms with a hairbrush as a microphone, all parodied with new hilarious lyrics about finding your feet. Ashy's true coming of age story learning to deal with unsolicited unhelpful advice on how to lose weight, low self esteem, falling in love with Gay best friends, hilarious and insane dating stories, issues with money and alcoholism, trust issues and an obsession with drag.

BREAK (Live Band) 8.10 - 8.25 PM

Shanjay Perinpanathan 8.25 - 8.35 PM
Shanjay is a classic stand-up act. You'll find him reeling of a number of jokes, getting you laughing with a mic. Shanjay would describe his act as overconfident, nerdy, and occasionally silly. His material comes from my life and observations which come from a single, early 20s, first generation, half filipino-Sri Lankan male.

Ellen Mahoney 8.35 - 8.45 PM
Ellen Mahoney is a Melbourne-based comedian, giving her audiences a refreshing glimpse at life as a modern, single (slightly desperate) gal.
Ellen's stand up is inspired by tales of running to the USA in her early twenties and marrying. Ellen shares anecdotes about her parents and their relationship and the whole act ties together with some misguided attempts to find love in her thirties.

Josh Cake 8.45 - 9 PM
Josh is a stand-up comedian, musical comedian, and songwriter.
He describes his act as "Music. Comedy. Food. Death (eventually)."


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What you will learn
  • How to laugh!
What you will get
  • A fabulous and fun night of comedy, and live music!
Parking Info

Street parking available.
Close access to trams.

What to bring
  • Nope.
What to wear

No dress code.

Appropriate for

Anyone with a sense of humour.


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