RedBeard Historic Bakery

RedBeard Historic Bakery

Trentham, VIC 3458
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We bake handmade, authentic sourdough in a 19th century woodfired scotch oven in Trentham, central Victoria. Cafe, tours and classes.

Our authentic sourdoughs are leavened with a natural, wild culture of yeasts and healthy bacteria. We don’t use bakers’ yeast, preservatives or any other additives.

Our loaves are made with organic flour, shaped by hand and baked in a woodfired oven, built in 1891 - one of only a handful of Scotch ovens still operating in Australia.

‘The best bakery in the world. It’s been a privilege to be inside. This is all about heart, passion and a love for making great bread.’ George Calombaris, MasterChef, 2013

‘I had RedBeard sourdough for breakfast and it was absolutely delicious. RedBeard is doing a wonderful job to promote the resurgence of authentic sourdough and artisan woodfired baking.’ Maggie Beer, legendary cook and restaurateur, 2010

‘It’s relaxed and charming, the location is gorgeous and their bread is fantastic.’ The Age, 2011

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24 January 2019 • Redbeard Historic Bakery Bread Baking Workshop

Just finished the bread making course at Red Beard Bakery - thoroughly enjoyable day, hands-on educational and the lunch was fantastic. Am enthused to put my new skills into practice making my own bread. Would recommend the day to anyone who would like to experience what it takes to produce all natural bread made from the best ingredients. Wee done John! Peter


08 December 2018 • Redbeard Historic Bakery Bread Baking Workshop

Outstanding experience, couldn’t recommend it enough. A perfect idea for a group of baking enthusiasts or even a date. A hidden treasure in Daylesford! Will be back again


05 December 2018 • Redbeard Historic Bakery Bread Baking Workshop

This was my third Sourdough workshop, I had hoped it would fill in some of the blanks but found instead that I was taken right from the beginning , learning how to create your own leaven right up to the actual bake off with every thing in between being covered in great detail. All questions were answered in both layman's and scientific terms. I felt I learned more at this workshop than any other. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone regardless of their skill level. This was one of the most enjoyable Sundays I have had for some time. Now I just have to wait for the leaven to mature so I can get into it.

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