RedBeard Historic Bakery

RedBeard Historic Bakery

Trentham, VIC 3458
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We bake handmade, authentic sourdough in a 19th century woodfired scotch oven in Trentham, central Victoria. Cafe, tours and classes.

Our authentic sourdoughs are leavened with a natural, wild culture of yeasts and healthy bacteria. We don’t use bakers’ yeast, preservatives or any other additives.

Our loaves are made with organic flour, shaped by hand and baked in a woodfired oven, built in 1891 - one of only a handful of Scotch ovens still operating in Australia.

‘The best bakery in the world. It’s been a privilege to be inside. This is all about heart, passion and a love for making great bread.’ George Calombaris, MasterChef, 2013

‘I had RedBeard sourdough for breakfast and it was absolutely delicious. RedBeard is doing a wonderful job to promote the resurgence of authentic sourdough and artisan woodfired baking.’ Maggie Beer, legendary cook and restaurateur, 2010

‘It’s relaxed and charming, the location is gorgeous and their bread is fantastic.’ The Age, 2011

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Bookings may be refunded or moved to another available date up to two weeks before the date booked.

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07 July 2019 • Redbeard Historic Bakery Bread Baking Workshop

We had such a fantastic day at Redbeard - learnt more in one day than in the past year of baking sourdough; and the food was delicious too!


06 July 2019 • Redbeard Historic Bakery Bread Baking Workshop

Enjoyed every minute of the day : teacher , lunch, learning . Definitely recommend it to anyone !!


26 June 2019 • Redbeard Historic Bakery Bread Baking Workshop

I booked a place in the workshop for my sister's birthday present and I decided to buy a second place and tag along, and I'm so happy I did. Brag: my sister said it was the best present she'd ever received. It's absolutely the best present I've ever bought-and-tagged-along-with-for-someone. We both learned so much, and John was excellent. His teaching was completely down to earth and packed with impassioned, often hilarious, but always informative mid-workshop mini-lectures about salt, the benefits of thermal mass (and thermal conductivity of different materials), and biomes. This workshop is so good I even regretted not buying a place for my other sister who is allergic to wheat and breaks out into eczema when she touches flour - now that's an endorsement! - because she's a who's always ranting about Monsanto and biomes and she truly would've adored and echoed John's hatred for Maldon sea salt. (Support local, you guys.) Anyway, I made my first sourdough at home today from the starter I made in the workshop and... another brag... it's gorgeous. Slightly over proofed but that's because I forgot to preheat the oven (rookie error) but learning is a process, right? I just weighed up the fruit for the fruit loaf I'm going to make tomorrow because I'm addicted and also a genius at bread making now. Don't book any other bread workshops, just book this one, or if you've done one, do this one as well. I promise you'll learn stuff, AND you'll get to feel like an absolute bad bitch using the peel in that ye olde Scotch oven. (Also lunch was wonderful!)

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