Sydney Street Photography Adventure, Newtown (The Poetic Witness)


Street photography is a form of art photography that features the human condition within public places. The subject of the photograph can also be absent of people and can be an environment where the image projects a decidedly human character or aesthetic. Whether documenting a historic event or capturing the spirit of a city whilst travelling, this popular style of photography ranges from people, objects, architecture, street art, events and festivals, to name a few. It requires sharp observations, quick reflexes and people skills. With a few simple techniques, we can help you create high-impact images you will be proud of.Newtown constitutes a wonderful mix of people and diversity that sets the stage to meet a variety of unique characters and situations. In this workshop, we focus on capturing this special personality and vibe. 

Destination - NEWTOWN

Newtown is a vibrant suburb best known for its diversity of people and thriving street culture and street art. A hub of activity it has many characteristics perfect for street photography - people, cafes, vendors, street merchants, buskers, pets, historical buildings and many unexpected surprises along the way!

We begin the workshop at Café Newtown exploring the busy and colourful King Street as it comes to life. We explore the urban landscape that unfolds as markets set up, cafes open and people start to fill the streets. There are old antique shops and charming eclectic speciality stores plus many unique spaces heavy with street art as well as the local residents and their body art. Our adventure takes us through the historic streets and lanes in search of inspiration and creativity.

We break for lunch at one of the local establishments and debrief on the day so far. This is a great opportunity to exchange stories and ask as many questions as you like.

After lunch, our focus will be refining the mornings experience, your experienced tutor/s will fine tune your technique with one on one coaching. 

By the end of this unique workshop, you will have photographed a charming visual story of one of Sydney’s most iconic suburbs and its community. The perfect end to our 'street photography' experience.

We finish at 2 PM in proximity to Café Newtown and Newtown Station. 

The Workshop:

The power of observation underpins the art of great street photography. Learning to ‘see’ interesting detail is a practiced skill and we introduce you to easy methods that will open your photographer’s eye and expose you to a world that is alive with detail. We show you how to create pleasing images simply by using the rules of composition and placing lines, shapes and patterns carefully within your frame.    The most rewarding part of the workshop though is learning how to approach interesting people and have them willingly pose for you. We will coach you one-to-one to give you the skills you need to achieve this goal. 

Street photography is a candid style of photography generally shot in a public place and is a great avenue for storytelling. The secret to this method of storytelling is to stay inconspicuous as you capture and observe 'real' life. 

Your observation skill will become finely tuned by the end of this workshop and you will notice more detail wherever you go.

Henri Cartier-Bresson is popularly known as the best street photographer of all time and once said, “above all, I craved to seize the whole essence, in the confines of one single photograph, of some situation that was in the process of unrolling itself before my eyes”. In essence, this is what street photography / photojournalism is all about and what every photographer aims to capture when out shooting - to produce an image or images that tell a unique story.

What’s Covered:

  • How to improve your power of observation 
  • How to identify your ‘points of interest’
  • Composition
  • Quality and properties of light
  • Street awareness and etiquette 
  • Candid photography techniques
  • How to predict and time a great moment
  • Approaching people and requesting a portrait 
  • How to be inconspicuous 
  • Choice of camera equipment 

Objectives: Sharpen your powers of observation to improve your candid photography and teach you how to predict and capture moments without being noticed as well as build your confident in approaching strangers to ask if you can take their photography.

Outcomes: You will come away with an understanding of how to approach storytelling using photography and observation. 


If it looks like there will be unbearable weather on the day, we will contact you early that morning to advise that the workshop will not operate. Otherwise, you should assume the workshop will operate as scheduled. In the event of cancellation, you can select an alternative workshop date. 

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What you will learn

  • How to improve your power of observation
  • How to identify your ‘points of interest’
  • Composition

What you will get

  • Detailed Aperture Club course notes will be emailed on completion of the photography workshop.
  • TUTORS: 1 professional Photographer (Sharon Hickey / Shane Rozario) and a photographer's assistant. (Subject to group size)

What to bring

  • We recommend a DSLR to get the most benefit from your photography.
  • Your camera; DSLR or compact (gear should be kept to a minimum)
  • Batteries (charged)
  • Drinks, meals / snacks
  • Pubic transport / Parking

What to wear

Comfortable walking shoes, Hat and sunscreen, Weather dependant clothing. We recommend you wear clothes that don’t attract attention in order to be an inconspicuous observer.

Appropriate for

Beginners / Amateurs / Intermediate. People who have a basic knowledge of their camera.

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