101 Ways to Podcast

What to Bring

  • A list of your three favourite podcasts, and your willingness to talk about your own ideas for a podcast!

101 Ways to Podcast

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn your audience, how to connect to them, and build a podcast community
  • Determine how to create the best type of podcast, specific to you and what you have to say!

What You Get

  • You will be provided with a basic rundown on the process of planning and recording your podcast, getting it onto iTunes, and building an audience.
  • You’ll receive a course outline and notes that will be used during the interactive series of workshops.


So you want to be a podcaster? This course will prepare you to start your podcasting journey on the right foot!

The medium of podcasting has very few limitations - great podcasts can be short, simple and minimal, or long, complex and heavily produced. We’ll cover the whole spectrum of podcast types, and you’ll have an opportunity to narrow down which approach will work best for you.

Many podcasters quit after a few episodes (podfade) because they didn’t know what was involved. We’ll make sure you avoid common pitfalls. You’ll learn how to find and connect with audiences, and build community around your podcast.

Podcasting requires some skill and equipment, but mainly it’s passion, time and persistence. This course will help you understand your goals straight from the start, and set you up for success on your journey.

About Dave Gertler...

Dave has been a podcaster producer since 2013. His background is in music, songwriting and performing, and he has a Masters in Creative Sound Production from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

His passion is to spread the word about podcasting and the different ways it can be used as a uniquely powerful medium. As the Founder and Creative Director of the Cast Away Awards – Australia’s podcasting awards - he have been developing a list of judging criteria across a dozen different categories of podcasts. These criteria are based on current up-to-date trends and best practices of podcasters all over Australia, and the world, and are what he bases this course on.

You can find out more about the Cast Away Awards at:


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Nov 2016
101 Ways to Podcast - 12 Nov 2016 2:00 PM

The class was very helpful in providing a strong framework to start podcasting. It was also practical and the opportunity to share ideas a useful catalyst for planning.