Braiding Workshop

What to Bring

  • A model! Hit up ya bestie they get an awesome hair style out of it! * Please note that the longer the hair the better*
  • Thermal styling tools such as curling wands/irons, straightening irons, texturises (only if you have them as won’t inhibit the class if you don’t)
  • A hair brush & comb!
  • Something to take photos with

What to Wear

  • Casual

Braiding Workshop

About This Class

What You Get

  • All products, hair pins, and elastics provided
  • The skills to pull off 3 gorgeous styles
  • Beautiful hairstyles for you and your model


If you’ve ever scrolled through social media feeds and come across those gorgeous photos of hairstyles and braids, oohed and ahhhed, jumped straight on youtube to find a tutorial, and then cried tears of frustration and despair some hours later when you’ve proceeded to turn your hair or your unlucky victim’s hair into a bird’s nest or something equally unrecognisable to the original- then this is the class for you. Avid braider Kelly Batten will walk you through each step behind 3 popular hairstyles that you’ve no doubt experienced the above scenario in attempting: the Fishtail, the Milkmaid Braid, and the Halo Braid.

With these styles circulating on the Internet as not just something for the everyday but something worthy for brides, learn the skills to make any girl feel gorgeous on her wedding day, and turn a bad hair day into something amazing.

Since you learn the styles first on your model and then on yourself, you both walk home with aisle-worthy hair!


Kelly is a passionate hairstylist, and as a girl with naturally curly hair, finding ways to tame it became a love for all things hair; a journey that started with screams of frustration in front of youtube tutorials, those urges to either rip out or cut off her hair, hours upon hours spent braiding on her mannequin heads, all the way to a Certificate III in Hairdressing from the Brisbane School of Hairdressing and the founding of The Braiding Boutique.She now fills her Instagram account with the many braids and styles she can do on both herself and others, from simple braids to wedding ‘dos, and is setting out to turn seemingly out of reach hairstyles into reality for you.

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