Red, Red Wine

Red, Red Wine

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • An understanding of how red wine is made
  • A grasp of some different red varietals and styles
  • Learn wine tasting terms (and how to use them)!

What You Get

  • 6 different tasters of red wine
  • Light snacks provided


As it gets colder outsider, we tend to retreat to the indoors, seeking the warm comforts it provides. This generally means, warm, rich and wholesome food, and of course, warm and wholesome wine. Generally, this means you will retreat to a nice comforting glass of red. Who can blame you? Red wine holds all the desires we seek: warmth, body and richness that reaches into our very souls. 

So this winter, try this red wine masterclass which will ensure you are tasting all the soul reaching red wines. The class will take you through six different red wines. Each wine will explore a different style of red wine to help find exactly what it is you enjoy most. Moreover, each will be locally sourced, so you can easily pick up a bottle of your new favourite drop next time you're at the bottle shop!

About Rochelle Godwin (Lady du Vin)

Rochelle is a qualified sommelier whose work has taken her around the world and to some of the best restaurants in Melbourne. Having worked at Dinner by Heston, Vue de Monde and Circa the Prince, Rochelle is well equipped with understanding the challenges guests may have when looking at that wine list and guiding them comfortably through it to find something that they will truly enjoy. Rochelle is here to help you scratch the surface of what is the magnificent, extensive and fabulous wine world. Most recently, Rochelle is enjoying her new venture with Lady du Vin, a service that brings the sommelier to you, to learn about and share wine with friends in the comfort of your own home.

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