Zoom: Artisan Muffins Zoom includes Online Course Livestream

Zoom: Artisan Muffins Zoom includes Online Course

Artisan Muffins: Techniques, Recipes, and Tips

Next Available: Wed, 26 Jun 7:00PM (AEST)
Live via Zoom
1 hour
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"Artisan Muffins Unleashed: A 30-Minute Zoom Session + Full Online Course to keep"

Embark on a journey into the world of artisan muffin making with our interactive Zoom then online course.  Connect with an experienced pastry chef during the live Zoom session to learn time-tested baking techniques and ignite your creativity.  This session craetes a solid foundation, regardless of your skill level.

But that's just the beginning!  After the Zoom, you'll gain access to our online lessons and recipes to follow at your own pace.  Dive into step-by-step recipes for gourmet artisan muffins, both sweet and savoury, for any occasion. Detailed tutorials make the baking process easy and enjoyable while innovative ideas empower you to create your own unique recipes.

Plus, you'll have full access to Bec, where you can share your creations, ask questions, and get expert baking advice.  Unleash your culinary potential and discover the perfect muffin with our scientific and creative baking course.

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What you will learn

  • Learn Bec's tips for making soft, light textured Muffins
  • Most home made muffins need to be eaten the same day they're made, but not Artisan muffins

What you will get

  • Full online course that's yours to keep
  • eBook of brilliant recipes

What to wear

It's a Zoom, you can even be in your jarmies. 🤣🤣🤣

Appropriate for

Anyone that wants to learn how to make amazing muffins at home.

Bec's Table Cooking School

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Baking courses, Cooking courses using Thermo cookers and Conventional Methods.

Bec is a classically trained Chef/Pastry Chef who loves to share the knowledge of making and baking brilliant food. We hope to inspire with our tips, techniques and quick ideas. 

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5.0 (22 reviews)
Mareerated it
08 Apr 2024
As always, the zoom Artisan muffins I did with Bec was excellent. She went through each stage in the method, inserting valuable tips along the way. Videos of the method were also included. She also answered questions, both asked beforehand & spontaneously. I'm confident the muffins I made in future, both sweet & savoury will be much much better!
Bec's Table Cooking School 08 Apr 2024

Awesome glad I could help with some new tips. 

Zoerated it
07 Apr 2024
This Muffin Class was very informative. Making muffins can be easy but are also easy to not turn out as they should. Bec’s knowledge is very impressive as she answers the why & how! Thank you Bec!!
Bec's Table Cooking School 08 Apr 2024

Thanx Zoe, so glad you enjoyed it. 

Jennyrated it
07 Apr 2024
Rating Only
Bec's Table Cooking School 07 Apr 2024


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