Top Asian Cooking Classes Near You

Forget takeout - time to get your heat on!

Creativity 4 min read Jan 17, 2020
Top Asian Cooking Classes Near You

There’s nothing like learning how to cook your favourite Asian dishes and discovering that it tastes just like take out! Asian dishes aren’t so difficult to nail after all - the important bit is knowing your ingredients and knowing how to use them well. Ready to spice up your plate? Here are the best Asian cooking classes and workshops to try from Melbourne to Perth.


Asian Duck Banquet Hands On Masterclass at Luv-a-Duck

Looking for measures to curb your duck cravings? Learn about a range of exotic Asian duck dishes that are practical to cook even on a weekday evening in Luv-a-Duck’s masterclass - Asian style! A hefty menu of delicious Oriental dishes will be taught in this 3.5 hour session, such as Duck Satay with Satay Sauce, Vibrant Duck and Noodle Soup, and Tea Smoked Duck Breast Salad. Yum! The night ends with sumptuous dinner of your own efforts, with a glass of wine to boot.

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Where: Luv-A-Duck Retail Showroom
When: Oct 3rd, 7th, 17th & 18th, Nov 15th
Cost: $120 (Regular), $60 (2-for1 Promo)

Let’s Make Dumplings Workshop with The Humble Dumpling

We’d like to think that dumplings are most of everyone’s favourite nibbles, regardless of ethnic background. Are you a dumpling addict like us? Then all the more reason to learn to make it your own in case cravings strike at odd hours. Angie Chong’s class offers the ultimate guide to making these delicious little parcels of goodness from scratch. You will make the dough yourself and three (3) types of filling by hand (meat, seafood and vegetarian) and then of course enjoy a Chinese dumpling feast at the end of it.

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Where: The Humble Dumpling
When: Oct 8th, Nov 19th & 26th, Dec 3rd and 10th
Cost: $120 (Regular), $110 (Early Bird), $100 (Bring-a-Friend)

Indian Cooking with Aditi Deware at CERES

If colourful dishes and exotic spices excite you, then join this workshop for a day of curries and other delicious vegetarian concontions. Aditi Deware, CERES’ Indian cooking and cultural master, will demystify the use of India’s traditional spices so you can learn to jazz up your meals, as well as cook authentic Indian meals right in your own kitchen.

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Where: CERES Eco House
When: Nov 25th
Cost: $100 (Normal), $85 (Bring-a-Friend)

Traditional Sri Lankan Cooking Classes at Foodie Trails

Sri Lankans love to have spice in their foods, and needless to say, their foods are bursting with flavours. While it is often compared to South Indian cuisine, Sri Lankan food can hold its own thanks to its diverse origins. So if you’re ready to experience a flavourful explosion in your mouth, come join this 3-hour workshop, where you will learn to cook with aromatic roasted spices, flavoursome herbs (or both!) and prepare some of Sri Lanka’s specialised dishes.

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Where: Two King’s Cafe
When: Dec 16th
Cost: $125 (Normal), $100 (Bring-a-Friend) $95 (Kids under 12)


Thai Street Food at VIVE Cooking School

Thailand sits high in the ranks of the best countries to travel to if you’re an ultimate foodie. Probably because every street you’ll find is a sanctuary of insanely delicious Thai street food. Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Pandan Panna Cotta are just some of them, and in this class you will learn all the secrets to making these. VIVE’s classes are popular because you get to share the cooking experience with others, as well as the delicious dishes you come up with too!

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Where: Shop
When: Sep 29th
Cost: $140

Pho Tastic: Vietnamese Cuisine at Celebration Cooking with Jessica Pedemont

Vietnamese cuisine is known not only for being delish but also for being quite healthy. And traditional Pho soup, the most popular among Vietnamese dishes, is one of the most balanced there is, as well. Chefs Jessica Pedemont and Tommy Prosser are all about cooking healthy (in between whipping up fantastic desserts, that is). Inspired by their recent Vietnamese expedition, Jess and Tommy will share the secrets to making this authentic and aromatic broth, as well as rice paper rolls with dipping sauce to polish off your meal for the day.

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Where: Celebration Cooking
When: Dec 8th
Cost: $275


Modern Thai Fusion Cooking Class at Vanilla Zulu

If you’re a fan of Thai food or are looking to add new dishes to your cooking repertoire, Thailand’s signature dishes won’t disappoint. Join Vanilla Zulu’s class for a sure-fire culinary adventure, what with the exciting spicy aromas and flavours to savour in every dish. But did you know though that Thai food is one of the healthiest cuisines you can eat? Learn about the key elements to this exciting fusion cuisine and also prepare a delectable three to four course Thai feast!

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Where: Shop 5
When: Oct 26th, Nov 9th & 25th
Cost: $135

Indonesian Banquet at life’s a feast

There’s more to the Indonesian cuisine that just nasi goreng, and if you’re keen to explore more of this vibrant and colourful cuisine, life’s a feast’s class offers the perfect venue because you get to cook up an Indonesian feast! Included in the menu are some popular dishes such as Nasi Goreng (yep), Beef Rendand, Chicken Saté with Peanut Sauce, and Spiced Tempeh. Sounds like you’re in for an exotic treat, eh?

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Where: Sunshine Coast
When: Nov 11
Cost: $190

Chinese Food with Tony Ching at The Sauce Kitchen

Steamed dim-sum, fried dim-sum - whichever way you like ‘em, they’re both easy to make and are delicious either way! Be a master of the wonton wrapper by learning from Chef Tony Ching himself, and we swear, you’ll never want to order take-out again. The recipes you’ll make with your classmates are: Char Siu Bau (Cantonese steamed barbecue pork buns), Siu Mau (Steamed dumplings), and Har Gau, plus a few other Chinese table staples.

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Where: The Sauce Kitchen
When: Nov 11th
Cost: $146


Japanese Sushi Lessons at Shikisai Cooking

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the art of sushi making, Shikisai’s cooking classes offer a perfect sushi-lover’s experience. You will learn to make some sushi favourites that include ingredients such as Teriyaki chicken, sweetened egg omelette, cooked tuna, prawn, sushi egg, avocado, cucumber and Japanese pickled radish. Best part? You get to take home a hundred pieces of sushi!

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Where: Shikisai Cooking
When: Oct 8th
Cost: $130
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