The Best Classes of 2017: Brisbane

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Creativity 5 min read Aug 11, 2020
The Best Classes of 2017: Brisbane

If you’ve resolved to improve yourself in the next year, but have yet to decide how you’ll go about doing it, enrolling in a class or two is something that we recommend. With more and more workshops and short courses being offered on virtually every topic, every year, there are no more excuses that can be made about time, cost or finding a good teacher when wanting to learn something new.

You might be wondering which classes are worth spending your time and money on, which is why we bring you the top Brisbane classes in the last year that our eager learners loved the most. All the listings are reviewed, which is another good way for you to decide which class might be your next new adventure!

Floral Workshop: Vintage Posies

Spend a day turning a ‘bunch of flowers’ into a stunning masterpiece in this three-hour workshop that celebrates nature. In a setting surrounded by gorgeous blooms, you will learn the the secrets of exquisite floral design, familiarise yourself with hands-on trade tricks in composition, flower choice and buying tips, as well as bow and wrapping design all in just three hours. Workshops includes all flowers and materials used, tea, coffee, cake.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: February 24th
Cost: $98
Bookings and more info: Francesca’s Flowers

Gelato Appreciation Class

This fast-selling class is back! Part gelato making workshop, part info session, part science lesson, and part gelato degustation with the Messina chefs, this is one of the best-loved offerings on WeTeachMe. After some welcome coffee and conversations, you will learn all about Messina’s backstory and then get a demonstration of how they make their world-famous gelato and gelato cakes. You then, of course, get to try everything they make! Try as many flavours (40 in total!) in their cabinet as you can handle – or as time permits. And if all that isn’t enough, you also go home with a tub of gelato!
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: march 24th
Cost: $160
Bookings and more info: Gelato Messina

Espresso Fundamentals

This class is the perfect setting to gain insight into the craft and fundamental skills required to be a barista. Topics covered include the growing, roasting and harvesting of beans, understanding the espresso machine and grinder, making the perfect espresso, making silky milk each time, as well as pouring techniques.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 2nd
Cost: $100 (Bring-a-Friend), $120 (Regular), $170 (Regular + Handbook)
Bookings and more info: The Coffee Training Co.

Woodworking 101

In this two-day class, you will learn how to use a range of hand and power tools, incorporating traditional and modern techniques. First, you will focus on practising hand sawing and chiseling to create range of simple timber joints. You will then create a small timber project utilising your learned techniques. Leave this class a better DIYer with massive bragging rights.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: February 3rd
Cost: $465
Bookings and more info: She Skills

Eat Yourself Sexy: A Healthy Eating Masterclass

The healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be dull, boring or expensive, as you’ll soon find out when you come into this class. Here you will learn how to plan your meals, shop your ingredients the right way, and handle a knife. Come away with the fundamental tricks to make you a boss in the kitchen. Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 17th
Cost: $135
Bookings and more info: Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures

Wild/Lactic Fermentation of Fruit and Vegs Seminar

Love kombucha or sauerkraut? In this class, you will experience making fermented foods, drinks, sauces, and all things awesome and healthy - all from scratch! Come away with recipes and instructions to keep making your own fermented goodies at home.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: February 10th
Cost: $12.25 (min 4 people). $17.50 (min 2 people), $25 (Regular)
Bookings and more info: Permaculture Produce

Common People Dance Project Summer

Common People is a non-pretentious class for anyone who wants to learn fun, big group dance choreography in a non-judgemental environment. Past events and classes were attended by all sorts of people from all walks of life, so really this is for anyone who just wants to dance in a group where they wouldn’t feel self-conscious and focus on just having fun!
Skill Level: All levels. This class is for women, trans and non binary genders.
Next date available: January 22nd
Cost: $75
Bookings and more info: Vulcana Women’s Circus

Brisbane Night Photography Experience

Learn how to use your camera effectively, with slow shutter speeds, apertures and ISO to capture stunning photos even at night. Once you understand how composition enhances your photos, this night experience will allow you to capture Brisbane icons and quirky locations like a real pro.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 18th
Cost: $85
Bookings and more info: Curious Engine Photography Experiences

Thai Cooking Class

Spicers Tamarind Retreat holds summer feasts of different themes and the Thai cooking class is one of their most popular. Join the workshop to master the secrets of combining simple ingredients to produce fresh punchy flavours that is a signature to the Thai cuisine. Expert chefs will demonstrate cooking methods from both the north and south of Thailand in a relaxed, fun setting. The best part is, of course, eating the dishes at the end of the session.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 27th
Cost: $165
Bookings and more info: Spicers Tamarind Retreat

Italian Cooking Class

There’s an inner Italian in all of us that will surely come forth in this class. You will create an inspiring menu with one of the talented Spicers Chefs, who will take you through a variety of dishes such as pasta and sauces. Gain knowledge and build skills in Italian cooking whilst you explore Italy’s history and tradition, and of course, you’ll enjoy an Italian feast at the end of the class, too.
Skill Level: All levels
Next date available: January 13th
Cost: $165
Bookings and more info: Spicers Tamarind Retreat

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