We Love Summer in Sydney!

Looking for things to do in the summer?

Creativity 4 min read Sep 28, 2019
We Love Summer in Sydney!

January means a fresh a start, and yes it means that we’re also smack in the middle of the warmer months - so staying inside just isn’t an option when heaps are on offer over the summer time. Amid rising temperatures are a whole lot of cool new classes and events to take part in, so get ready to drag yourself out of the couch because here are the highlights of the best things to do and learn in Sydney during the summertime.

Italian Bread Master Class

Freshly made, crusty Italian bread is so good, it’s worth learning how to bake. In the 2-hour class, you’ll learn all about the Italian bread making history, as well as the process and techniques to turning handfuls of flour into handmade pizza bianco, crunchy grissini bread sticks and traditional focaccia.
When: Feb 17th, Apr 14th
Cost: $150 (Regular), $135 (Bring-a-Friend)
Bookings and more info: Bourke Street Bakery

The Art of Pastry - Lamination and Shortcrust

You might know how to bake, but it is something else to know the art of lamination and crusting. Here you will learn how to mix, laminate and bake beautiful croissants and pastries, and at the end of the day, bring home your own baked creations + sheets of Croissant and Danish dough.
When: Feb 24th, Mar 17th
Cost: $170
Bookings and more info: Brasserie Bread

Contortion Stretching (6-wk course)

The beautiful and impressive poses that yogis and performance artists strike is achievable by you too when you practice and improve your flexibility. In this 6-week class, you will be shown different techniques that will help you get better splits and a more bendy back.
When: Jan 20th
Cost: $120
Bookings and more info: Dance Central Sydney

Pub Painting Lovers’ Lane

Re-create this beautiful scenery of lovers’ lane and add your own interpretation to it, whilst sipping wine (or drinking beer, you pick), eating good food, listening to music, and socialising witha great crowd. What could be better?
When: Jan 23rd
Cost: $65 (Regular), $45 (Bring-a-Friend), $35 (Groups)
Bookings and more info: Life with Paint

Make a Hand Forged Herb Chopper

This one-day course will equip you will all the techniques you’ll need to forge a creative blade. You’ll gain insight to working with hardening steels, and the confidence to take on many other blade projects on your own.
When: Mar 10th, Apr 14th
Cost: $330
Bookings and more info: Eveleigh Works

Jewellery Design: A Contemporary Approach

Whether you’ve mastered some basic jewellery making techniques, or are coming in without experience at all - you are welcome to come and learn about the more complex side of jewellery making and design, using a range of materials including metal and non-metal elements to make more intricate pieces.
When: Feb 8th - Mar 9th
Cost: $340
Bookings and more info: SquarePeg Studios

Fabulous Flowers

Learn piping techniques and how to work with buttercream icing to create different fabulous designs to make fabulous floral cupcakes. This class is perfect for beginners, or those wanting to refresh their creative piping skills. Take home 6 of your own delicious vanilla cupcakes to eat. Trust us, it’ll be love at first bite.
When: Feb 3rd
Cost: $85
Bookings and more info: Beyond Cupcakes Sydney

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