Sydney: V-Day with Your Fave Bae

Time to treat yo' self.

Creativity 5 min read Aug 11, 2020

Would you believe it? The start of the year has just come around and already Valentine’s Day is coming upon us. And whether you’re single or taken this time of year, don’t forget about the most important relationship you will ever have: the one with yourself.

It’s unavoidable that we’ll be left to just ourselves at times, and we will need to be okay with that. So in case you don’t believe yourself beautiful or cool, then you’ve got some work to do, hun! There will be endless posts on the internet that discuss how and why you need to love yourself more to live a happier life (like this, this and this); but here we’re going to talk about an aspect we know well: Loving yourself more by adding to your repertoire.

But why? Well speaking from experience, I’ve recently taken up painting, and I discovered that it’s functioned well as a stress reliever (since I like what I am doing), and a confidence booster (since I learned that it is another thing I’m good at!) I gained quite a few friends through painting too, that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Spending time on a hobby I love has made me happier in more ways than one, and when you can make yourself happy? Self-love ensues. ❤️

If you don’t currently have a regular hobby that you like, or are eager to discover a new one, we have come up with a few ideas to finding an interest that suits you. Go through the list, find which description fits you, and see what course catches your attention!

The Culinary Explorer

You know the best meat cuts, you know what variety of wine compliments your meal best, you try every kind of restaurant there is (after you’ve stalked them thoroughly online, of course) and you can offer the best food places at the drop of a hat. As a matter of fact, if you check your kitchen cabinets right now, we bet it’s brimming with fresh spices and herbs! You’ve either eaten your way throughout the world, or have an extensive collection of cooking books and Food Network binges. Whichever it is, we’ll still say you’re a dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue culinary explorer.

Class Recommendations:
Beginner Cake Decoration Workshop
Sweet Succulents
Cooking Italian: Florence

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The Millennial Martha

You know you’re a millennial Martha when you see something you like and tell yourself, “I can make that.” Between you and your friends, you’re the one with the bag full of everything (safety pins, anyone?). You have a mason jar obsession, and every corner of your home is worthy of an Instagram snapshot. You’ve been told you have an impressive set of craft, cooking and decorating skills that you ought to make a career out of it. And hey, maybe you ought to!

Class Recommendations:
Blacksmith Introduction I
Beginners for Bread Making
Learn to Letterpress

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The Millennial Mum

It used to be that older people would shake their heads over some senseless thing you did, but now? You find that it’s you who’s shaking your head over what kids are up to these days. This is a sure sign that you’re a millennial mum, and guess what? You should be proud! Millennial mums sometimes get a bad rap for being on their phones and taking selfies all the time, but let’s not forget they’re also technologically-savvy, highly-educated, and progressive individuals. Parenting will never be the same because of millennial mums (and dads) who generally seek the highest standards and the best opportunities for their children. They overwhelmingly put their children first, and we think that’s a good thing.

Class Recommendations:
Hula-Hoop for Beginners: The Bunny Hoopstar Technique
One Session Pottery Wheel Throwing Course
Concord Beginners Swing/Lindy Hop Course

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