The Sweetest Things

A tasty class for kids!

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
The Sweetest Things

The Sydney Chocolate School trains budding chocolatiers in the traditional French hand tempering on marble. Level One classes concentrate on students understanding the principles of tempering and practical demonstration of the art.

During the school holiday, it can be difficult to keep your student entertained, but the Sydney Chocolate Program creates a fun environment for children 8 to 16. As your student sees chocolate being hand tempered on marble, the smile on their face will grow three times its usual size.

After learning how to temper the chocolate, students will make handmake freckles, chocolate bars, and other treats. They’ll receive a certificate for the fridge and a goody bag to take home! Don’t forget to dress sensible (maybe bring an apron), bring a few dollars for parking, and tie back your long hair (because no one wants that in their chocolate). 😉

Make and eat your very own chocolate!
School Holiday Program
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School Holiday Program