Choux Pastry with Emelia Jackson

This MasterChef alum’s baking rules the #cakesofinstagram

Creativity 3 min read Mar 28, 2021

Who doesn’t love a good pâte à choux? Perfectly crispy yet oh-so-light, the delicate pastry is exactly what makes the dessert cart such a thing of joy. Think eclairs, cream puffs, and Paris-Brest. Mmm, happy place.

As with most other baked sweets, the magic starts with some butter, flour, eggs, and water. But what gives choux pastry that ethereal airiness isn’t some special technique or secret ingredient; not to burst the bubble for your sweet tooth but it’s all just thanks to high moisture content! As the dough bakes, the water becomes steam, which rises and puffs out the pastry shell, thus creating that lovely volume. Easy peasy.

Bar none, everything that cake maker and self-confessed sugar addict Emelia Jackson makes wins the #cakestagram contest, and her choux pastries are no exception. Have a look at these little beauties.

Hungry yet? Drool, right? If you’re new to baking, you’ll find no better tutor than Emelia. The MasterChef Australia finalist herself is self-taught, nurturing a passion for good food while growing up around a mum and grandma who loved to cook and eat.

Book now, if you’re ready to chew on some choux. Yeah, we went there. Until then, we’ll leave you with this vid of Emelia and her almost “stupidly tall cake”.

Bite right into this choux pastry class!

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