Whole Grains: Not Just for the Health Junkies

Trying to get healthy? Don't be afraid to go for the whole grains.

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Whole Grains: Not Just for the Health Junkies

Health junkies have been preaching about whole grains for as long as we can remember; but only now are we starting to catch-on on to this wholesome, tasty alternative. Formerly seen as a dry, tasteless burden, whole grains have now gone mainstream, being regarded as a delicious pleasure that adds a distinctive, nutty flavour and an appealing texture to any dish. Using whole grains is not limited to just bread and other baked goods, but it can also be used in salads, soups, side dishes, entrées, and more.

It’s all about the way you cook it

You see, it really is all a matter of learning the proper prep and cooking techniques (and a few jazzy tricks) to create a grain-rich menu that not only tastes amazing, but is actually pretty good for you too! Whole grains are rich in carbohydrates (which is the body’s main fuel supply) and they also provide a healthy boost of vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants and more. Eating at least three servings of whole grain foods per day can lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risks of heart disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Yep, we were bowled over too! Very few foods offer such diverse benefits like whole grain can.

Demystify the whole grain diet

Up until recently, getting healthy whole grains on the table has always been a challenge. If you need help demystifying whole grains, whole foods queen Holly Davis gives us the scoop on how to make whole grain cooking exciting and easy. Participants of her 5-hour jam-packed class will be presented with delicious recipes that are perfect fo the everyday cook, and so in that way, they can start getting their grains on!

Learn to love whole grains!
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