10 Classes You Should Try in Collingwood

Check out the best classes and workshops in this up-and-coming inner north suburb.

Creativity 7 min read Sep 25, 2019
10 Classes You Should Try in Collingwood

What was once one of the more grungy ’burbs in Melbourne, is now becoming increasingly popular in terms of culture and lifestyle. There is effortless charm to Collingwood, being home to retro characters, artists, yuppies, and coffee aficionados. With many places of interest you can sink your teeth into, and more and more trendy shops making their way into this inner north suburb, you’re never far away from learning something new and having a good time in Collingwood.

Creating Characters with Alisa Tanaka-King

Explore the depths of your imagination and learn to create unique characters that tell a story - using techniques that Alisa Tanaka-King will show you in this 4-week workshop. Taking this workshop will mean the difference between simply drawing pretty characters and the kinds that attracts attention.You’ll be taken through various steps of creating a character, from the initial sketch to final design, using a variety of medium such as charcoal, pencil, ink and gouache. This workshop will not only teach you character creation, but also facial expressions, capturing movement, and stylising.

Where: MILKWEED Studio
When: April 22nd
Cost: $250 (Regular) $230 (Bring-a-Friend)

Learn to experiment with not one, but a variety of medium to finish a beautifully textured acrylic artwork. This 4-week intensive course is facilitated by Ness Alexandra, an award-winning visual artist of 15 years, and will focus on acrylic and mixed media techniques and the application of said techniques in creating a final design. Special materials required for the class will be provided.

Where: Cambridge Studio Gallery
When: April 23rd
Cost: $220 (4 week course with 3 hours per session)

10% Discount Available. Use code COLLINGWOOD10 Valid until April 12th.

Beginners Bread Making with Convent Bakery

Fancy making your own bread at home? We have to tell you - it’s the key to happiness. Mixing fresh ingredients, the smell of hot, crusty bread from the oven - making your own bread at home is worth every extra effort. Convent Bakery will teach how to knead the perfect dough to bake into a gorgeous loaf of bread. Breakfast and lunch will be had with meals that are also made by you!

Where: Abbotsford Convent
When: May 20th & 21st, June 3rd & 17th
Cost: $190

Art Autumn School 2017 at Handmaker’s Factory

Handmaker’s Factory’s Art Autumn School offers an exciting environment for everyone to experiment and test their current abilities while gaining new skills and learning new approaches to making art. You will partake in several activities including drawing from life with confidence, taking small pieces of art and recreating them in a larger scale and more - across three days packed full of fun, creativity and like-minded people!

Where: The Salon, Abbotsford Convent
When: April 27th
Cost: $540 (Full Fee), $515 (Bring-a-Friend), $405 (Concession), $150 (Saturday only), $130 (Saturday Concession)

10% Discount Available. Use code COLLINGWOOD10 Valid until April 12th.

French Patisserie with Chrisley of Mamor Chocolates

There is something about the French patisserie that makes you want to pack your life in bags and move to France. Thankfully, you need not go far to have a taste of fancy pastry classics. French pastry chef, Chrisley, will teach you the art of the French patisserie in this 3-hour workshop. You will learn to make choux and sablee pastry and how to make the perfect tart base. You will come away knowing how to make impressive, bakery-quality variations of these pastries from your own home.

Where: Mamor Chocolates & High Tea Szalon
When: For private booking (minimum 3 people)
Cost: (Minimum of 3 people, $120 per person)

20% Discount Available. Use code COLLINGWOOD10 Valid until May 3rd.

Chocolate Craft with Chrisley of Mamor Chocolates

Fancy a chocolate craft workshop where you’ll gain hands-on experience of making your very own delicious truffles or pops? French pastry chef Chrisley of Mamor Chocolates will teach you the artful science of tempering chocolate, as well as various techniques to making your own ganache flavours at home. Ganache fillings will be used to either make truffles and pops, and whatever you make - you take home!

Where: Mamor Chocolates & High Tea Szalon
When: For private booking (minimum 3 people)
Cost: $360 (Minimum of 3 people, $120 per person)

20% Discount Available. Use code COLLINGWOOD10 Valid until May 3rd.

Guest Artist Workshop: Andrew Halford and Slow Clay

This one-day workshop by Slow Clay Centre offers a rare and wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from highly skilled potter and ceramist Andrew Halford. Halford’s work is marked by a compelling combination of strength and softness. The strength is evident in his accomplished throwing skills, transcendent and harmonious, they are the bones of his work. Be inspired by and know more of his unique techniques in wheel throwing, turning and decoration and more. This class is not only perfect for students, but also for experienced potters.

Where: Slow Clay Centre
When: May 21st
Cost: $195 (Early Bird) $235 (Normal)

Padlock Making Workshop with The Keyhole Surgeon

This workshop offers a unique experience of making an old-fashioned brass padlock and key using hand tools and early locksmithing techniques that have originated in the 1800s. You will be using parts made by Australia’s oldest operating lock manufacturer to make a Jacksons lever padlock and then hand cut a key. All of these you will get to take home with you!

Where: Abbotsford Convent
When: June 10th
Cost: $220 (Regular) $200 (Bring-a-Friend)

Mindfulness Drop-in Class at The Mind Room

You may have heard of mindfulness a lot recently, but if you don’t know what it means, exactly - this class will teach you. Mindfulness is being aware of yourself and your surroundings with a gentle mind. Keeping mindful when life is stressful is the key to being calmer, more patient and ultimately happier. Other than that, there are many cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits to it. This class will teach you to unhook from your busy mind and practice mindfulness through your everyday.

Where: The Mind Room
When: April 11th & 18th, May 2nd
Cost: FREE (for First-timers, Mind Room clients and Collingwood locals) $15 (Everyone else)

10 Week Crochet Club with Thread Den

You may have noticed, crochet isn’t just for the grannies anymore. It’s become a trendy and chic skill to have and is perfect for adding a little zen to your life. And what better time to learn crochet than under the autumn weather? This 10-week crochet workshop by Thread Den will have you learning all you need to know to make all kinds of crochet projects. A new craft will be made each week, and by the end of the workshop you’ll end up with 10 lovely crochet projects you’ll be proud to call your own.

Where: Thread Den
When: April 22nd
Cost: $299 (Regular) $249 (Thread Den Member)

50% Discount Available. Use code COLLINGWOOD10 Valid until May 12th.

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