4 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

Ready to party? These tips will help you throw a sassy shindig this season

Creativity 5 min read Jan 31, 2020
4 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

‘Tis the season of joy! And what better way to spread Yuletide cheer than with a special get-together? After all, everybody loves a good soirée; that is, until the demands of party planning takes its toll.

The holidays can be a busy time, and the pressure of hosting a party may add even more stress. However, you shouldn’t let party planning obligations dampen your Christmas spirit.

Here are four tips for hosting the perfect party.

Pick a theme

It’s important to decide on a theme for your holiday celebration. It is what will set the scene for your guests and build your desired ambience. And your choice will depend on your group of friends and family and what you know they’ll enjoy.

For example, sustainable is the “in” thing this season. How about a feel-good eco theme? If you like playing dress-up, you can opt for a formal, black-tie dinner; everyone looks great in formal dresses and holiday tuxedos! If you’d rather can keep things casual with an ugly sweater party, maybe you can even hold a competition for the silliest holiday sweater they will dare to wear.

Whatever theme you decide, use it as inspiration when you deck the halls to transport your guests to a holiday paradise. Decorate with cheerful ornaments and twinkling lights, with a background of joyful holiday songs to help get your guests in the spirit. Or you can create your own decorations to bring your party to life, such as a beautiful Christmas table centre arrangement or DIY wreath.

Make it personal

Personalising your party is one of the quickest ways to make your guests feel at home. Add a special touch by customising place cards for the table or hanging stockings adorned with tinsel and bearing each guest’s name or initials.

Another thing you can do to make your event unique is by crafting some of your own decorations. If it’s a family gathering, you can even get the kids involved. The decorations that you create can double as a memento of the festivities.

Keep your guests full

We all know the easiest way to someone’s heart. Make sure your guests have plenty to eat throughout the party. If your main course needs extra prep time, set up an array of appetisers and snacks for them to nibble on. Also, make sure to stick to your theme and plan your menu accordingly to match it.

If making dinner for friends and family is stressing you out, consider taking a cooking class or a baking class to learn to make the perfect entree, main course, or even an entire Christmas meal that they’re sure to love. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can learn to cook something that’s not just tasty but also a jaw-dropping visual treat!

Of course, you can always encourage guests to bring a dish to share. That way, you can set up a buffet-style spread that allows them to dig in to their favourites.

Also, don’t forget dessert! Christmas is one of the sweetest times of the year so make sure to include an array of treats for your guests. We’re thinking something freshly baked! Again, this is the perfect occasion to get your kids involved - perhaps, Chrissy cupcakes and cookies to go along with all of the other desserts?


Of course, the best part of Christmas: the gift-giving. Sending your party-goers home with a small present is sure to leave a smile on their faces. Personalise your tokens with a custom design plus DIY cards and Christmas wrap to make your gifts truly memorable.

Just follow these tips and do a lot of pre-planning, and you can expect a holiday that is stress-free and filled with good cheer!