7 Powerful Strategies to Sell Out Your Classes and Workshops

Use these time-tested promotion techniques to increase your audience reach

Resources 5 min read Sep 25, 2019

Today, in-person classes and workshops face tough competition. There are endless of options for where people can take them, not to mention that there’s also a plethora of online classes from which to choose.

The good news is that Australians are attending more in-person classes than ever before, and thanks to technology, you have the advantage of modernising your online marketing without having to spend a fortune. Regardless of the type of class you’re hosting, there are plenty of ways to draw people in and maximise attendance until the last ticket.

Check out our practical tips and strategies to help amplify your efforts and fill up your classes with bookings quickly.

1. Promote your workshops on online marketing channels beyond your website

Don’t rely on just one or two avenues when promoting your workshop. Registering to heavily trafficked sites and platforms where people actually go to look for classes and things to do are a great way to promote your workshops to a large audience with minimal effort. From listing platforms that specialise in classes and educational events like WeTeachMe, to socially-driven sites like Facebook Events, it’s easy to cast a wide but still, relevant net for little or no cost. All it usually takes is entering your class info and you can start promoting within a few simple clicks. On top of that, students are much more likely to book when they see your class mentioned in many different channels.

2. Define your class offering

One of the best ways to make your workshop stand out is by highlighting a single defining benefit that will set you apart. What will make your class a unique experience above all others? Is your cooking class co-hosted by a special guest? Do your art classes come with a complimentary glass of wine? Highlight the elements that make your workshop special, and be explicit about this in your marketing messages.

3. Improve the quality of content and visuals in your listings

When someone visits your class page, they’re mainly sold by two things: the text describing your workshop and the visuals that come with it. So if you promise to provide an A+++ learning experience for your attendees, your listing needs to reflect it.

You can spend tons of money on online ads, ask everyone to tell everyone about your upcoming workshop, but if your listing doesn’t show that you walk the talk, you may struggle with selling your seats out.

Graphic design class with poor visual ads? Next.

Copywriting intensive class with typos in the class description? Next.

Social media “expert” with less than impressive socials? Next.

If you have a brilliant experience to offer potential students, make sure it sits behind compelling text and imagery, so you’re in a great position to attract bookings.

4. Add SEO tweaks to your website, profile, and class listings

If you want your class to get found on search results, you need to make sure that your online listing is SEO-optimised. Do SEO right, and you can expect search to drive about 5-10% of your ticket sales.

Take some time to think about the terms that a potential attendee would use to search for your class, or research using the free Google Keyword Planner; and then include those terms into your class title, subtitle, and description (however, avoid sounding repetitive). Incorporating the most relevant and highly searched keywords into your class page will not only help boost your visibility across search engines, but will also increase the likelihood of the right people seeing your listing at the right time.

5. Create a buzz on social media

With popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, come millions of ‘always on’ users— so be sure you’re tapping into these sites to get the word out and drum up excitement about your workshop. With only a few quick clicks, your audience can like, comment, or even share your event with a friend or group. If possible, start promoting your class on social media at least two to three months before it commences, then gradually increase the frequency of your posts as you get closer to the class date. Strategic online marketing on social media can equal to a significant increase in your bookings without the added legwork.

Here are some tips you can use when marketing your class on social media:
  • Highlight exciting special guests via images and blog posts. Tease your audience by sharing bite-sized morsels about the topic that will be covered during the class.
  • Keep the text in your posts short and sweet. While Facebook and Instagram does allow for a lengthy status update, 40 characters is actually the ideal length to attract and maintain attention.
  • Spotlight past students that ended up with a great final project or met their goals through your workshop.
  • Share behind-the-scenes looks at your workshop’s planning process. Instagram Stories is quickly becoming a popular avenue to do this.

6. Offer high value deals that benefit you and your attendees

Boosting sales with discount promos is nothing new, however it would be favourable to identify ways of offering deals that can bring value to both you and your attendees.

WeTeachMe has assisted hundreds of class providers in promoting their classes and events, and we’ve seen that early bird and bring-a-friend promotions are the most popular and effective marketing strategies in delivering ticket sales. Early bird deals not only help create a sense of urgency, but it can also give your workshop a boost right out of the gate.

Bring-a-Friend deals, on the other hand, can be an especially good offer to provide if the class date is nearing and you still have a handful of tickets you need to sell. This type of promotion encourages attendees to spread the word about your workshop (in search of a friend to bring along), thus helping you sell last minute tickets that would have otherwise gone to waste.

7. Create a contest

If you wish more people would spread the word about your workshop, you can make that happen with a contest or a giveaway. Contests are the perfect way to break through the noise and motivate word-of-mouth promotion. You can give away free tickets, upgrades, or free products to encourage engagement without a making huge investment. WeTeachMe’s free contest feature helps expose class providers to new potential attendees by incentivising sharing or requiring contest joiners to refer friends to enter. It’s a cost-effective strategy to double signup rates in the most hassle-free way.

These are just some of the ways you can use to help sell out your classes, workshops, and events. Eager to start selling out your seats now? At WeTeachMe, we help hundreds of class providers connect with an audience eager to learn, and to turn their class page visits into bookings. For enquiries, contact us at support@weteachme.com.