Top 5 ‘Zero Waste’ Style Classes around Sydney

As the holidays draw nearer, what better way to get into the ‘zero waste’ spirit than by checking out some of our most popular classes.

Creativity 5 min read Nov 04, 2021
Top 5 ‘Zero Waste’ Style Classes around Sydney

If the idea of going zero waste seems a bit out of reach, start small. We’ve got classes that are eco-friendly and designed to get you creating amazing things with your hands. Take a look!

The Art of Sourdough (Sydney)

If you love the smell of freshly baked bread, this is the class for you. Learn how to bake your very own loaf of sourdough from the experts at Brasserie Bread in just 3 hours in their custom build ‘breaducation’ room!

Making bread is a life skill you can share with friends and family for years to come, so it’s the perfect gift for foodies, curious chefs and everyone in between.

Natural Body & Skincare Workshop • Teens & Tween (Cammeray)

Buying skincare can get expensive – and full of harmful chemicals that might not agree with your skin! Why not learn the basics of how to blend your own nourishing skincare – Lu and Polly from Maker’s Loft will share their secrets with you in this 5.5hr workshop.

They’re passionate about helping you make products specifically for your own skin type using carrier oils and different types of butters and botanicals. Teens as young as 10 can attend making it the ideal school holiday treat.

Spoon Carving Workshop

Single-use plastic cutlery often ends up in landfills because it can’t be recycled or used again. That’s why we love this spoon carving workshop with our friends at Creative Man.

Spend a leisurely day carving your own utensils and enjoy the finer pleasure of making something with your hands. You’ll learn how to select the right materials and shown how to use the whittling tools, then you’ll spend the rest of the time carving away.

A Salad as a Meal (Dural)

Understanding the nutritional value of food is a big part of the zero waste journey. Why? It helps prevent food waste. Join The Cooks Workshop for a deep dive into how to turn your drab side salad into a drool-worthy main meal.

As we head into summer, this class will teach you some tricks on how to combine your greens together in the most nourishing way, using different textures and flavours. Looking to up your intake of healthy fruit and veggies? This is your ticket to a more colourful and crisp dining experience.

Leather Handcraft DIY Wallet Workshop (Redfern)

Everyone here at WeTeachMe loves making gifts for their loved ones (especially ones that are trendy). The crew over at Masterful Makers are set to give you the skills to craft a gorgeous leather wallet.

In this 4 hour workshop, you’ll learn some basic leather working, traditional saddle stitching techniques, and even how to design your own notebook cover. Get your posse together and spend an afternoon living out the life of a fashion designer!

Looking for more inspiration?

Our friends over at B-Alternative are joining us in the zero waste movement these holidays. They’re gifting you 10% off your next purchase in their store. Simply use the code WETEACHME at checkout and be part of something wonderful that’s good for you and for the planet.