8 Online Fitness Classes to Get Your Heart Pumping

Stay fit, stay in! Fantastic workouts you can do at home

Creativity 5 min read Jun 05, 2020
8 Online Fitness Classes to Get Your Heart Pumping

Ready to hit the gym? Good on ya! But if you want to stay home a bit longer or just like to blend workouts for optimal fitness, here’s a treat for you: 8 exciting classes to keep you (and the kids!) fit this wintertime!

Let’s start with some dance classes. We love how they offer the perfect balance between fun and exercise!

Shake it like you mean it


If you haven’t tried Zumba before, you’re missing out on a fantastic workout. Zumba is the perfect activity if you want to work a sweat and boost your energy. Plus, doing your cardio at home means you can wear anything you want and exercise like no one’s watching!

Lucy’s class will have you dancing in no time, and strengthening your core without even realising it. Get pumped right from the comfort of your bedroom or living room!


If you consider yourself a fan of ballet, check this out: Rebel Moves’ latest dance fitness class will teach you barre techniques and mat work exercises that are good for toning, strengthening, and lengthening the muscles.

Taught by Sheena Chundee, former choreographer and ballerina with The Royal Ballet in the UK, this class is guaranteed to give you a fun ballet-inspired experience that’s suitable even for beginners. Oh, and did we mention that you’ll be rocking to fun playlists in pop punk, funk, and 90’s rock?


In the mood for some Bollywood? Give this Bharatanatyam class a go!

Let Rebel Steps introduce you to the beauty of traditional Indian dance, music, and movement. Suitable for all skill levels, this class will take you straight to New Delhi, ready to take on traditional dance moves. Better find the most colourful pieces in your wardrobe, too. Indian dance is nothing if not full of life!


The latest offering from Dance Central Sydney, Reggaeton is a wild fusion of Reggae, Latin, and Hip Hop flavours. If you like to groove to popular and upbeat Dancehall “riddims”, you know you have to be ready for anything in this new class.

Prepare to explore the sensual, high-energy world of “Perreo”, a dance technique that incorporates Hip Hop stylings and Latin dance footwork. It’s an open class so if you’re looking for a good workout challenge, you can’t miss this!

Kids got the beat, too!

Kidz Crew Robotic Dance

Hey kids! Get poppin’, lockin’, and hittin’ release like a funky robot with Rebel Stepz’ Kidz Crew Robotic Dance. This class will explore a fun form of street dancing that originated in New York City back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when your own grandparents were maybe just your age!

Have fun with different dance styles allowing for hand, arm, and leg movements, and matching footwork, giving you a full-body exercise and a fun time sweating to all kinds of sick beats.

Breaking Academy for Beginners

Breaking Academy is back for Term 3! Kids will learn cool dance moves that they can show their friends online or off.

Off The Street Hip Hop’s Breaking Academy will teach students the fundamentals of breakdancing and steps to move to the rhythm of upbeat Hip Hop music. Open to all skill levels, your kid will learn how to “break it down” right from home!

If dancing isn’t your thing

Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga, both your mind and your body are in total focus. It’s a fantastic workout and a healthy way to relieve stress.

In this class, you will learn different Yin Yoga positions and hold each of them for two to three minutes, targeting not only the muscles, but also the connective tissues, fascia, and ligaments. You will also learn how to practise meditation and stretch in each posture correctly.


Learn the sacred art of karate with Soke Gervasi, a jiu-jitsu and karate sensei who is also one of the warmest, most friendly instructors out there!

In this class, Soke will teach you karate and yoga, the basics of awareness and self-defence, as well as how to build concentration, focus, balance, and control. Quit bouncing off the walls and redirect your energy into this class instead! Open to all age groups and skill levels, it’s a good workout for the entire family.

Get fit, have fun, IRL or at home! Check out more health and fitness classes here.