5 Virtual Party Ideas for the Messy and Creative

Some glue, a bit of glitter, and strictly BYOB

Creativity 5 min read Oct 30, 2020
5 Virtual Party Ideas for the Messy and Creative

Out and about yet? Whether you’re already basking in the spring sun or having too much fun indoors, there’s always a way to celebrate our wins, big and small, now that throwing a party is easier than ever!

Got a birthday coming up? Perhaps, a team-building event? Or maybe you’re doing some early holiday planning for your much-awaited reunion with your mates. Whatever you’re cooking up, there’s a perfect class or workshop to suit your needs in the messiest, most creative way. Here’s just a small taste!

Pop the Champagne!

No drinks allowed? If you find something worth toasting to, bring out the bubbly and break some rules just this once!

In Artea Studio’s Sip and Paint at Home class, you and your friends will paint a “Keep Calm and Drink Champagne” decorative plaque, to serve as an awesome reminder of your milestone or accomplishment. Because the best parties are DIY.

Turn Paper Into Sculptures

Paper sculptures by Artclasso are hardly your typical grade school project. You might be surprised to learn that these 3D artworks can be a lot more intricate than you think. Paper sculpting is an engaging pastime but also a fantastic way to bond as a team.

For a unique Asian flavour, how about origami? Origami Kabuki & Kimono Costumes by Kami will test your penchant for precision and attention to detail. Plus, you’ll come away with a cute little kimono origami card at the end of the day, as long as you follow their instructions to a tee.

Workshops to Paint a Smile on Your Face

Once you’re done with this class, no more boring coasters for you. Tennyson Studio’s painting classes will teach you how to paint a wooden coaster in a blue theme, Mediterranean style, or with multi-coloured owls. They’re a great holiday gift idea, too!

But why stop there? Add a splash of colour to your workspace with an abstract self-portrait. Rebel Arts will teach you how to express your unique self in paints, chalks, and more, using different painting techniques. Your Zoom calls just got more interesting!

No Boys Allowed!

Spa time. We could probably all use one. One thing’s for sure, it makes for a fantastic girls’ day - or night! - out. And that’s exactly what you’ll get in Pinup Positivity Guided Online Session by Thread Den.

Trying to imagine how it was to be out in town with your best girls in the ‘50s, ‘60s, or ‘70s? Get some much-deserved me-time here while you learn a little about beauty routines from periods past.

Just Relax and Party

Focus is an art in itself. Let yourself get lost in The Zone and come out the other side with amazing results.

Learn how to master this life skill with Mindfulness Art Workshop by Artea, where you will learn how to draw mandalas, a geometric pattern of symbols that are relatively simple to draw, yet irresistibly compelling. It’s a great way to practice mindfulness and flex your focus, and there’s proof you can frame for your desk.

Virtual special events are sure to keep the whole party engaged and having a good time. Book a private class or workshop now for an awesome celebration and remember: Doing stuff with friends is twice more fun than doing it by yourself.