Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids

Kids can be creative and learn new skills at the same time. Here we list some great ways for them to spend their free time and have fun while they are doing it.

Creativity 7 min read Jun 24, 2022
Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids

Kids in Melbourne have a lot to choose from when it comes to creative classes and workshops. There are many venues offering specialized programs in painting, pottery, sports, and more.

Whether for after-school activities, all-day weekend fun, or over the school holidays, children will make the most of their free time and get them honing their skills, learning new hobbies, and making new friends to boot.

Why Creative Classes for Kids are Important

Being creative makes up an important component of our identity, which is why these formative years are critical. Learning how to create establishes a strong foundation and promotes brain development in children. Together with their peers, kids fire up their imagination, learn new skills, and discover their cultural heritage through fun activities, from crafts and games to songs, stories, and more.

Studies have shown how children studying arts and crafts are better able to socialize with others, increase their confidence and self-esteem, and improve their problem-solving skills. All of these combine to help young ones perform better in school and get better grades.

Get them started on a creative journey today! There are classes suitable for both younger and older children, so if you’re looking for things to do in Melbourne with kids, look no further than this list of kids activities Melbourne has to offer.

How to choose the right creative class for your child

#1 Evaluate your child’s interests

In trying to choose the right creative class for your child, it’s important to be guided by your child’s preferences. Get them involved in something that they love and they will look forward to going each week!

For example, if they are interested in being creative with technology, then they might enjoy a coding class. But you should also keep in mind the environment your child is used to. If they are used to running around and playing outdoors, then a coding class may not be for them.

#2 Consider your budget

There are plenty of affordable options for fun activities around town. It might surprise you to learn that tickets for kids classes usually start at less than $50!

The best part about these events is that they’re not just fun for kids; they’re fun for parents, too. You can all work together on a new skill or try something new together as a family. Fam-friendly art classes are available in many communities and in a wide range of styles and themes, from traditional to modern, and even interactive.

#3 Research different classes

Melbourne is a city of culture and creativity; it is also a city of endless opportunities to learn! You can find everything from art classes, dance classes, and music lessons to cooking classes and drama classes.

So that you have several choices to choose from until you find the right fit, take the time to research different classes and workshops for kids. Check out what each course offers and what age group it is suitable for.

#4 Schedule a trial class

It’s never a bad idea to let kids experience new things; isn’t that what childhood is all about? Make a few suggestions and enroll them in trial classes. Who knows they might discover something they love!

The best way to get children interested in something is to give them hands-on experience. There are programs that include short workshops on different subjects such as drawing, painting and sculpture. Some museums, community centres, and sports schools offer summer camps during school holidays so your child can enjoy their favorite subject over a two-week period or even less. Give them space to spend some time on their own so they can find something that they can be passionate about.

#5 Make a decision and commit!

Once you have found the perfect class for your child and signed up for it, make sure that you attend every session with them. That way, they know that no matter what happens in life – whether good or bad – Mum and Dad will always be there beside them supporting them through thick and thin!

Be there for them when they need help. When they have finished with the class, talk to your child about what they have learnt and how they are enjoying the experience.

Types of Creative Classes Available in Melbourne

With so many options available, there’s no excuse for your child to be bored at home! Get them signed up to one (or more!) of these fantastic workshops. Melbourne will never run out of inspiring things to do in Melbourne with kids.

Art classes

If your child has a knack for doodling, you have to check out the latest cartooning classes. These workshops will teach your child how to let their imagination run wild and draw colourful cartoon figures, specially designed for students under 12 years old. By the end of these classes, your child will have learned how to make their own quirky characters and acquired the aptitude to explore the limitless potential of this visual art of cartooning.

Spray art is a fun way for kids ages 10 and up to create their own masterpieces. It can be a challenging medium to work with, for sure, but if done right, it can create really cool results that you just can’t achieve with ordinary paint. Professional graffiti artists teach the secrets of freehand spray painting, complete with the appropriate measures to ensure health and safety.

Painting classes

It’s scientifically proven that kids who learn how to paint early on tend to get ahead of the curve and perform better academically than their less artistic peers. That’s because children with this skill are able to recognize patterns better, or in other words, are able to improve critical thinking skills that are fundamental to their brain’s development.

There are kids art classes all around Melbourne, where talented artists can guide your child through the step-by-step process of how to create their first (or second or third) artwork on canvas. If you want them on track, especially during the school holidays, these workshops are perfect for them.

Teacher-artists are not only handy with their paint brushes and canvases; they’re certainly creative with their classes, as well. In some classes, students get to paint themselves or their favourite characters into the background of timeless paintings! They also learn how to use oil pastels to add special detail to their artworks, enough to keep them occupied over the holidays.

Pottery classes

Let your kids meet Melbourne’s best professional potters in beginner workshops. Students are guaranteed a great time on their first time throwing on the wheel or hand building sculptures. What matters is that they have a great time working with clay and pick up new skills (and hopefully, a new hobby or two) with expert tuition.

If time permits, pottery classes let students create several pieces, whether on the wheel or by hand, with an expert guiding them through the whole process. Schools also usually offer a full range of supplies for sale, so that students can continue with their practice activities at home. Pottery workshops are perfect for all ages, ideal for family activities, giving parents more bang for the buck.

Soccer programs

If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids out of bed all day on the weekend or throughout the school holidays, look no further. Our soccer classes, found in multiple locations, have got you covered.

Kids enrolled in soccer programs go through an exciting crash course on the basics of soccer – perfect for active kids with a hankering for outdoor activities, all-day sports, and friendly competition. U8s and U12s programs, plus private lessons are on offer. Your girls and boys will love these, after spending quite a long time cooped up indoors!

Ready to inspire your kid’s inner genius? Find more Melbourne school holiday activities to explore!

With so many options available, there’s no excuse for your child to be bored after school or around the school holidays! Get them signed up to one (or more!) of these fantastic Melbourne workshops and let them learn what makes their heart beat.

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