10 No-Sew Projects That Will Make You Think Sewing is Easy

These 10 easy and simple no-sew projects, from skirts to throw blankets, will help you realize the beauty of sewing without all the work. Sew on!

Creativity 10 min read Jan 18, 2023

The first step to learning any new skill is to break down what you want to do into small, manageable steps. With sewing, that means starting with a simple project.

From easy DIY curtains to skirts, these 10 no-sew projects are proof that sewing doesn’t have to be intimidating! Pick one and start to conquer your fear of the sewing machine.

What is the No-Sew Movement?

The no-sew movement is a social trend that focuses on creating items with no sewing involved. This can be done by using glue or hot glue to hold materials together, but it’s also possible to create items without any adhesive at all. For example, you might use fabric paint or embroidery floss to decorate the edges of your project instead of stitching them together.

It’s not quite clear how this craze started, but it has certainly caught on with bloggers and influencers who are frustrated with their sewing skills and want to find an easier way to create fashionable items for themselves. The fad has since grown into a global community of DIY enthusiasts who enjoy making items without using fabric or thread.

Start Sewing with These 10 No-Sew Projects

No-sew projects are a great way to get started with sewing. These 10 no sew projects will help you learn basic skills and build your confidence as you make your own clothing, accessories, and home decor items.

Project #1. No-sew dish towel curtains

Curtain fabric can be expensive, but for this project, a simple dish towel will do just fine. Just cut a piece of fabric into a rectangle that’s about three times longer than the width of your windows and hang them up with embroidery floss, pushpins, or even just tape – until you get around to hemming them with some thread (if at all!).

You can use these DIY curtains in the kitchen, bathroom or even the laundry room and need no more than just the basic tools and materials – perfect for a beginner sewer.

Project #2. No-sew napkins

You can turn old clothes into beautiful napkins, to use for everyday meals as well as special occasions. Just cut the sleeves off of an old shirt and hem them with embroidery floss. If you don’t have anything to use, just grab an old towel – it works just as well!

If you want to use linen, you might even skip the floss altogether and just pull the threads along the edges, thus, creating a fringe. Then just trim at your desired length to even out the sides.

Project #3. No-sew pillows

You can make a simple pillowcase from any fabric that you want by cutting two pieces that are about twice as long as your pillow size and twice as wide. Then, you can hem the edges or leave them raw.

Start by cutting 1-inch strips all around the fabric. Next, knot the strips together (knot twice, to be sure!) on three of the pillowcase sides, leaving space for the pillow or stuffing. Or in this example, cut small slots in the strips on one side and then insert the strips from the other side.

Finally, close up the open side of the pillowcase – and that’s it! Now you have a new pillowcase to decorate your home with – an easy project that will take no more than a few minutes.

Project #4. No-sew skirt

Did you wear your favourite jeans to death? Turn it into a skirt and give it a new lease on life the no-sew way. This easy project will work on leggings, too! All you need are a pair of scissors and some fabric glue.

Just let that dry overnight and if you want, you can add a piece of elastic or ribbon around your waistline so that it fits comfortably. Now, you have a new skirt that will impress everyone with your sense of style and DIY skills – and it only took you a few minutes to create!

Project #5. No-sew tutu

If there’s one thing all kids love, it’s a tutu. But if you’ve ever tried to make one yourself, you know how difficult it can be to sew all those layers into place. Well, that’s where the no-sew method comes in handy! You just need your tulle and a piece of ribbon.

Once you have a full circle, secure it with a safety pin and trim any excess off. Now that your tutu is complete, all that’s left to do is clip on some adorable shoes and enjoy being a ballerina!

Project #6. No-sew throw blanket

If you’ve ever tried to make a crochet blanket, you know how much time and effort it takes. Well, that’s where the no-sew method comes in handy. A no-sew fleece blanket is so easy to make and will keep you warm all winter long!

First cut out the corners of the fabric and then, similar to the pillowcases in Project #3, cut strips all around the edges. Once done, simply knot the strips to prevent fraying. Perfect idea for a cosy night in or as a gift for someone special.

Project #7. No-sew t-shirt tote bag

Once you’ve got the strip-and-knot technique down after Projects #3 and #6, you’ll find a lot of uses for it in other no-sew projects, including t-shirt tote bags. These bags are a great way to repurpose your old t-shirts and they’re also simple to make.

The difference in this example is that the knots do not serve as embellishments; instead, they close out the bottom of the bag, saving you many minutes of sewing time.

Project #8. No-sew plant hangers

There are many other ways to repurpose old t-shirts into new projects. For example, if you’ve got some plants that need a little attention, try making these no-sew plant hangers from old t-shirts.

Whether you want to place them on your balcony or in your garden, these plant hangers will keep your plants safe and secure so they can flourish for years to come.

Project #9. No-sew fabric lampshade cover

You can make an easy no-sew fabric lampshade cover for your favourite lamp, with some fabric and your trusty fabric scissors, fabric glue, fabric stiffener, and hot glue gun.

Simply cut out a circle of fabric and wrap it around the base of your lampshade.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, embellish with buttons or bows in different colours and patterns to add a personal touch to your home decorating project!

Project #10. No-sew burlap table runner

With some burlap fabric and fabric glue, you can make a no-sew table runner . Simply cut out a rectangle of burlap, apply the fabric glue to one side and then fold over.

Press down on it with an iron when it is dry, then use a hot glue gun to attach a ribbon around the edges for decoration or as a handle to carry your table runner.

Try a few of these no-sew projects and you’ll realise how any new skill can be easy to learn, if you break it down into small, easy steps. Whatever you choose to make, make sure to take photos and share them with us.

And when you’re ready to discover how easy and fun it can be, check out a sewing class near you!

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