How to Choose Art for Your Home

Decorating your home with art? From selecting the right size decor to finding the perfect style, here’s how you can elevate your favourite space with ease.

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How to Choose Art for Your Home

Congratulations on your new home! With the paint dry and furniture set, there’s one vital element left to complete your space: art for your walls. But fear not, selecting the perfect pieces to adorn your home doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are some expert tips to guide you through the process, ensuring your choices align with your taste and enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

If you’re new to decorating, it can seem like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be! The key is knowing what you like and being able to express that in your home’s decor. You’ll be happy to know it won’t be difficult to consider the things that matter most when choosing artwork. Below we list some ideas with instructional videos to inspire you.

Establish your budget

Before diving into the world of art, determine your budget. Decide how much you’re willing to invest in each piece. Whether it’s a substantial amount or a modest sum, having a clear budget in mind will help narrow down your options. Explore local galleries, art fairs, or consider creating your own artwork for cost-effective yet unique alternatives.

The price of a painting will range from $5,000 to $50,000. If you want something on the more affordable side of things, try checking out local galleries or art fairs where you can find some amazing pieces for less than $500. Or even better, you can create your own large scale art!

Pick a palette

Consider the colors that resonate with you and complement your home’s decor. Reflect on your personal preferences and the hues prevalent in your wardrobe. Whether you lean towards bold or muted tones, selecting art that aligns with your chosen palette will create harmony within your space. View artworks in person whenever possible to gauge their visual impact accurately.

Once you have a general idea of the colours that suit you, start looking at art with those colours in mind. This will help narrow down your options. Try to get in front of as many pieces as possible so that you can see how they look in person. Make sure there’s enough wall space for everything, too!

Art is best when it inspires you

Art should evoke emotion and inspiration. Choose pieces that resonate with you on a personal level, whether they evoke happiness, tranquility, or curiosity. Look for artwork that sparks conversation or introspection, serving as a focal point within your home. Consider the mood you wish to cultivate and select pieces that contribute to that ambiance, whether it’s serene watercolor paintings or vibrant acrylic compositions.

Start with your favourite pieces

Begin your art collection with pieces that speak to you the most. Whether it’s classic paintings, sculptures, or photographs, selecting artwork you genuinely love will set the tone for your decor. Alternatively, draw inspiration from existing pieces in your home and expand upon their themes or styles to curate a cohesive collection.

Another option is to start by looking at the pieces that already hang in your home and try finding something similar by searching online or going to an art gallery near you. If it catches your eye, then chances are other people will like it too!

Embrace Diversity

Mixing different artists and styles adds depth and character to your art collection. Don’t be bound by conventional rules; instead, embrace diversity in mediums, genres, and aesthetics. Look for common threads that tie disparate pieces together, whether it’s a shared color palette or artistic technique.

Harmonize with Your Space

Consider the existing furniture and materials in your home when selecting art. Aim for synergy between your artwork and decor, ensuring they complement rather than clash with one another. Pay attention to details such as frame styles and color schemes to achieve visual cohesion throughout your space.

If you have a wooden coffee table, don’t pair it with a glass sculpture. Consider the colours of each piece and how they fit together in the space. If your home has a lot of natural wood furniture, consider adding pieces that have bold colours. Mix up the styles and mediums of art in your space so they complement each other instead of competing for attention.

Explore DIY Options

Inject your personality into your home decor with DIY art projects. Get creative with affordable materials from craft stores and embark on projects that reflect your unique style. From stenciling patterns on walls to crafting clay figurines, the possibilities are endless. Explore online resources for DIY inspiration and unleash your artistic flair.

Patience is Key

Finding the perfect piece of art takes time, so don’t rush the process. Experiment with different styles and arrangements until you discover what resonates with you. Take the time to envision how each piece will fit into your home’s layout and ambiance, ensuring it enhances your space for years to come.

It can be hard to find the perfect piece of art, but that doesn’t mean it’s not out there. You just need to keep looking until you find something that speaks to you and fits in with your home’s décor.

Selecting art for your home should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. By following these expert tips, you can curate a collection that reflects your personality, elevates your decor, and brings joy to your living space. Embrace the journey of discovering unique artworks that enrich your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Don’t let your walls go bare! Follow our expert tips and elevate your home’s decor with beautiful art. Start choosing the perfect pieces now.

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