10 Must-Try Exotic Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Learn to make the best and most hearty dishes from across the globe.

Creativity 4 min read Mar 28, 2021
10 Must-Try Exotic Cooking Classes in Melbourne

Because lucky you lives in Melbourne, a diverse range of exotic flavours is right at your fingertips - from dazzling, spice-laden Moroccan food and rustic Italian cooking, to fresh and fragrant Thailand delicacies. One only needs to walk down a corner to get a taste of the world in Melbourne, being home to at least 140 nationalities. Ready to take your tastebuds on an adventure? Then welcome to this exciting guide to some of the best foreign cooking classes in multicultural Melbourne.

Moroccan Cooking with Tonja Jennings

Learn to cook up dishes from one of the greatest and oldest cuisines of the world and make them look as pretty as a picture too, in this 5-hour class at CERES. Known for having a complex combination of intriguing flavours and colourful garnishes, the Moroccan food, as you’ll come to find, will not have its spices used sparingly and is incredibly diverse in taste, having been influenced by other cultures such as France, Arabia and others. In this class, you will learn to make a Tagine, an exotic warm stew and a classic in the Moroccan cuisine.

Where: CERES Community Kitchen
When: August 27th
Cost: $100 (Regular), $85 (Bring-a-Friend)

Other classes happening soon:
Rustic Italian Feast with Matt Baker from Whe-Eat

Bella Napoli: Pizza Making at Enoteca Sileno

Calling all pizza and Italian food lovers! If you love pizza that much, you owe it to yourself to learn how to make it on your own. Join Enoteca Sileno’s most popular class and learn to make and enjoy the traditional taste of Italian pizza right from your own home kitchen. You will receive hands-on instruction and discover the secrets to kneading the perfect dough, and how to dress your pizza with the best toppings. End of class calls for lunch, where you get to chow down your creation.

Where: Enoteca Sileno’s Scuola di Cucina
When: July 15th
Cost: $95

Cooking Classes & South Melbourne Market Visit with Hola Con Lola

Because the Spanish are all about making the most out of fresh produce, one of the best ways to enjoy their food is by exploring food markets: where one can find the freshest vegetables, fruits, meats and fishes anywhere. Luckily, in Melbourne, there are plenty one can visit. In this special and entertaining class, Hola Con Lola will carry you away through the hustle and bustle of the local South Melbourne Market to pick out local produce to use for cooking up flavourful and aromatic Paella and delicious Sangria. The class finishes with a sit-down to enjoy your delicious Spanish lunch!

Where: Hola con Lola
When: Multiple dates available from June to December
Cost: $80

15% Discount Available. Use code: foodiefinds10

Cuisine de Canard Francaise with Luv-a-Duck

Duck is an extremely popular protein choice in the French cuisine. Experience duck in such a way that it’ll take your taste buds to Paris by learning how to prepare duck with traditional French techniques. Some of the délicieux dishes to prepare in this Luv-a-Duck class are: Duck Leg Confit, Duck Cassoulet, Duck Breast A la Orange and many more! You will be guided by a skilled expert so you can learn to recreate these French recipes from your own home.

Where: Luv-A-Duck Retail Showroom
When: Multiple dates available from July to November
Cost: $120

Street Food from Around the World (Melbourne)

Some of the best foods in the world are served right on the streets - and if you missed out on them when you were travelling, here’s a fantastic opportunity to try one of the best street eats. Feast on authentic, mouth-watering heritage street food from all over the world in this diversified class hosted by Trupp Cooking School. You not only have a taste of these delightful eats, you will learn to make them from scratch too! Some of the delicious recipes you will learn are: Israeli Falafel, Jamaican jerk chicken, Colombian Arepas, South African Bunny Chow, Mexican Tamales, Polish Pierogi, and so much more!

Where: Trupp Cooking School
When: July 1st
Cost: $208

10% Discount Available. Use code: foodiefinds10

Tapas, Paellas And Churros with Trupp Cooking School

The Spanish food culture is incredibly rich - and this class with take you on a gourmet exploration on some of their classic recipes. Learn everything you need to know to make authentic Spanish tapas, paellas and churros so you can whip up an arriba feast from your own home. Some of what’s included in this Spanish experience are crunchy salt cod croquets, chorizo filled mushrooms, pimentos de pardon, olive, tomato and calamari tapenade, the famous pa amb oli, prawn skewers, a pot of mussels and, of course, churros with chocolate sauce.

Where: Trupp Cooking School
When: June 24th
Cost: $208

10% Discount Available. Use code: foodiefinds10

Thai Cooking with Foodie Trails

Thai food needs little introduction - as their exotic cuisine is famous throughout the world. Spice, fragrance and the harmony between these are the distinct characteristics to Thailand recipes, of which you will understand and learn to make in this 3.5 hour workshop. All participants will have a share in preparing delicious Thai dishes, and all will be provided with knife kits as well.

Where: My Other Kitchen
When: July 8th, September 9th, November 11th
Cost: $125 (Regular), $100 (Bring-a-Friend), $95 (Kids under 12)

Traditional Sri Lankan Cooking Class by Foodie Trails

Sri Lankans love to have spice in their foods, and needless to say, their foods are just bursting with flavours. While it is often compared to South Indian cuisine, Sri Lankan food can hold its own thanks to its diverse origins. So if you’re ready to experience a flavourful explosion in your mouth, come join this 3.5 hour workshop, where you will learn to prepare some of Sri Lanka’s specialised dishes.

Where: My Other Kitchen
When: June 7th, August 19th, October 21st, December 16th
Cost: $125 (Regular), $100 (Bring-a-Friend), $95 (Kids under 12)
Other classes happening soon:

Indian Home Cooking
Home Style Vietnamese Cooking

Hands On Greek Pittes at My Greek Kitchen

If you’ve been curious about Mediterranean cuisines, Greek food is the perfect place to start. And because wheat has been cultivated in Greece for thousands of years, it’s become a staple in the Grecian table. Learn to make and feast on some of the best Greek pastry recipes such as spanakopitta, tiropitta and more in this hands-on workshop by My Greek Kitchen. Also learn to make filo, that you can easily produce at home.

Where: My Greek Kitchen
When: June 24th, September 30th, November 18th
Cost: $120

20% Discount Available. Use code: foodiefinds10

Yallateef! Lebanese Cooking Class by Oasis Bakery

Lebanese food is one most delicious on the planet, which you will soon come to find out in this special class. Join this special workshop hosted by celebrated chef and restaurateur Marwa, as she takes you through her cookbook Yallateef! and demonstrates to you her love for her heritage food. The recipes that will be covered in this demo are: Eggplant & Yallateef, Riz a gej and Fattosh. Yum!

Where: Oasis Bakery
When: June 21st & 25th, July 12th, August 27th & 31st
Cost: $60

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